Minecraft player creates datapack to generate colossal steampunk themed dungeon

Minecraft created a datapack that randomly generates a steampunk-style city (Image via Sportskeeda)
Minecraft created a datapack that randomly generates a steampunk-style city (Image via Sportskeeda)

Minecraft allows players to create all kinds of structures with the help of unlimited blocks and space. The community is always motivated to work towards changing the look and feel of the game because Minecraft allows the usage of third-party mods, texture packs, and data packs.

Recently, a Redditor called 'u/Doriku' posted a picture of a massive steampunk-styled city dungeon randomly generated in Minecraft. In the caption, they explained how they created a datapack that will randomly generate these kinds of structures in any world.

The city dungeon was much bigger than any other naturally generated structure in the game and was densely populated. It was essentially a cluster of tall towers made up of dark-colored blocks. Shaders that were enabled enhanced the structure's beauty even more.

Users react to Minecraft Redditor's datapack that generates steampunk-themed city dungeon

The post was an instant hit on the official Minecraft subreddit and received over seven thousand upvotes and hundreds of comments within two days. The community is always delighted to see people create new data packs that add unique features and structures to the game. The comment section was filled with people discussing the structure and how it could be improved.

Many Redditors kept asking about the download link to the data pack. This kind of post is often accompanied by a comment in which the original account-holder shares a link to a third-party website from which others can download the pack or mod. However, nothing as such was available.

Other Redditors highly appreciated the creation and one account seemed visibly disappointed about not getting the link:

After seeing several requests for a download link, the original account holder commented on the post, explaining how the data pack is still far from finished. They mainly created it for their own server and wanted to fix certain aspects. They even revealed that the structure would have custom mobs and treasures to explore.

While some people urged the creator of this build to release the data pack as an alpha version, others understood the process and promised they would wait patiently for the official version to be released.

Apart from that, users appreciated the creator and the creation of such a stunning datapack that can randomly generate steampunk structures. One of them even pointed out how the architecture resembles the environment of a famous animated film, Spirited Away. People also mentioned how this is not just a dungeon but a mega build, appreciating the sheer size of the structure.

Overall, Minecraft's official subreddit members loved this custom datapack and eagerly asked for the download link. However, the creator made no promises about whether the data pack would be available to the public. Nonetheless, the post continues to gather views, upvotes, and positive comments on the subreddit.