Minecraft Bedrock Preview patch notes: New villager trade rebalance, structure loot changes, and more

Minecraft Bedrock preview
Villager Trade Rebalancing Part 2 is now available in Bedrock Edition (Image via Mojang Studios)

Just a couple of days ago, Minecraft Java Edition received the second phase of the Villager Trade Rebalance experiment. These experimental changes have finally made their way to the Bedrock Edition. This week's Bedrock Preview includes Villager Trade Rebalance Part 2, structure loot changes, gameplay improvements, tons of bug fixes, and more.

All villager trade-related and structure loot changes are locked behind the Experiments Menu. Players interested in trying out the new experimental features can do so by toggling on the Feature Table in the Experiments Menu while creating a new Minecraft world.

Let's look at all the features and changes added in Minecraft Bedrock Preview

Minecraft Preview patch notes: All you need to know

Experimental features in Minecraft Preview

In this new preview, Mojang has decided to offer a fresh revamp to cartographers and armorers to balance their trades. Previously, they were only used for trading Ocean Explorer and Woodland Explorer maps. However, players can now trade seven new maps from cartographers, but there's a catch.

Cartographers from different biomes will sell different types of mobs. Players will now have to travel from biome to biome in search of maps.

Here are the seven new maps in the Preview

  • Desert Village Map
  • Jungle Explorer Map
  • Plains Village Map
  • Savanna Village Map
  • Snow Village Map
  • Swamp Explorer Map
  • Taiga Village Map.

Like cartographers, armorers also have their trades changed based on their biome location. Here are all the major changes to armorer trades:

  • Players can now sell iron and diamond blocks to some armorers.
  • Chainmail armor is now exclusive to Jungle and Swamp armorers, making them quite rare.
  • Savanna armorer sells diamond armor with cursed enchantments.
  • Taiga armor swaps one piece of diamond armor for another.

Players can refer to the following image to check out all experimental changes in Minecraft Preview

New armorer trades (Image via Mojang)
New armorer trades (Image via Mojang)

Along with trade changes, some of the Minecraft structures have also undergone loot changes. Players now have a higher chance of finding the following enchantment books in some structures:

  • Ancient Cities: Mending
  • Mineshafts: Efficiency (I to V)
  • Pillager Outposts: Quick Charge (I to III)
  • Desert Temples: Unbreaking (I to III)
  • Jungle Temples: Unbreaking (I to III)

Features and bug fixes in Minecraft Preview


  • Fixed an issue where text-to-speech did not say how to open chat or emotes.
  • Text-to-speech message for popup title/description is now played properly.


  • Guardians and Elder Guardians make flopping sounds again when on land.
  • Wither Skeletons now have their own unique sounds.
  • Updated the sound that’s played when Wither Skeleton Skulls are placed on top of Note Blocks.
  • The sound for picking up items is now played when using the ‘/give’ command.
  • Stray Cats now play a sound when begging for food.
  • Changes to Bottles.
  • Bottles now emit sounds when filling from Water Blocks.
  • Pouring water or potions from a Glass Bottle into a Cauldron emits the appropriate sound.
  • Filling a Glass Bottle with Water or Potion from a Cauldron now emits the appropriate sound.
  • Drinking from a Glass Bottle now emits the appropriate sound.


  • Sculk Block no longer drops XP when mined with Silk Touch.
  • Zombie Villager curing time is now randomized between three and five minutes to match Java Edition.
  • Fixed an issue where moving slowly on Soul Sand would sometimes cause the player to not receive the Soul Speed movement speed.
  • Players can no longer sometimes clip through blocks when flying in Creative Mode and spamming the sneak button.
  • Players can no longer sometimes clip through blocks when gliding with Elytra into blocks.
  • Buckets can no longer pick up liquids for a few ticks after they've been placed.
  • This should help make placing and retrieving liquid in a quick succession far more consistent, as well as help players who are using a water bucket to quickly avoid fall damage.
  • Falling from a great height while in a Boat no longer deals fall damage.
  • Fall damage is now absorbed by the entity that lands on the ground when mounted and passed on to passengers if the mount dies.

Minecraft Preview includes several other bug fixes and technical updates. Players who want to see all the changes can find the complete patch notes in the official tweet shared above.