Minecraft Redditor creates an impressive working escalator using redstone

Escalator in Minecraft (Image via u/Intelligent_Rent4594 on Reddit)
Escalator in Minecraft (Image via u/Intelligent_Rent4594 on Reddit)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

On the surface level, Minecraft probably seems like a fun-to-play sandbox game with a survival aspect. However, after playing Minecraft for some time, players will soon realize the complexities of this game.

Redstone is one of the most exciting features of Minecraft. With redstone, players can make all kinds of contraptions. Players can build automatic farms, piston doors, boolean circuits, and whatnot.

Recently, a Minecraft Redditor, u/Intelligent_Rent4594, created an escalator with tons of different redstone blocks. The build left many Reddit users in awe as the escalator worked.

Redditor showcases their working escalator built in Minecraft

The post

With the help of redstone items, players can bring real-life technical objects to Minecraft. In the past, some players have created working calculators. Now, Redditor u/Intelligent_Rent4594 has built a working escalator.

The post began with OP showcasing the already-activated escalator. The escalator steps were made of deepslate stairs. For the handrail, OP went with glass blocks with quartz beneath them. Behind this escalator was an impressive work of redstone.

There are many observers, sticky pistons, redstone dust, repeaters, target blocks, and many other redstone items underneath OP's escalator. By using these blocks, OP created the escalator, but how does it work?

How does the escalator work?


For non-technical players, OP's escalator may feel like a mod feature. However, it is done in vanilla settings. OP created redstone loops to recreate a real-life escalator.

The lever for starting the escalator is at the lower side. When triggered, it creates a redstone loop that pushes the stairs up. Observers detect movement in the stair block, triggering the sticky piston on the upper side.

Sticky pistons are triggered by observers pulling the stairs down and another set of pistons pushing them down. Beneath observers, there are a series of sticky pistons that push stairs downward.

The exact thing happens again, and the blocks are pushed up similarly. Planning the workings of the contraption is pretty simple, but executing it in-game is the real deal. Many Redditors were inspired after watching OP's creation.


Every once in a while, r/Minecraft receives a mind-blowing redstone submission. Redditor u/Intelligent_Rent4594's post is one of them. Many wondered whether this contraption would work on Bedrock Edition or not. Reddit user u/CS-TAP and OP explained how this is not possible.

Reddit user u/LeoWWS pointed out how this escalator won't work, but adding honey blocks will make it work the intended way. OP disagreed as it would break the contraption.

Redditor u/Spidroxide suggested OP create another escalator side by side that goes downward. However, OP answered and explained how they wanted to recreate a real-life escalator.

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