Minecraft Redditor hilariously made a Warden torturing room with sounds

The Warden (Image via Minecraft)
The Warden (Image via Minecraft)

The Minecraft Reddit page is filled with all kinds of content related to the famous sandbox title. From beautiful builds and complex contraptions to fun and informative videos, the page offers almost everything to people interested in the game. It is a great community for those who play the game or are interested in it.

Recently, a Redditor by the name 'u/mosquito_boy' posted a hilarious video of how they made a room where they humorously annoyed a Warden with all kinds of mobs and items that make a lot of noise.

In the funny clip, the terrifying mob kills a wandering trader as it makes a lot of noise, but the player adds two bells that constantly ring as well. After a point, the Warden stops reacting and simply stands amongst all the loud noises. Most players know by now that the mob is blind and gets triggered by any sound. Hence, the original poster (OP) made this hilarious torturing room where they can annoy the mob.

Players react to the hilarious Warden torturing room made by the Minecraft Redditor with several sounds

As the new upcoming Minecraft mob is in talks amongst players and the video was hilarious to watch, the post was an instant hit. It received over 30 thousand upvotes and hundreds of comments within a day. People had a good laugh out of the terrifying mob being irritated and tortured by all the sounds around it.

Some of them also made several suggestions to increase the sound level even more by cramming loads of farm animals in one place. They even suggested adding several screaming goats to further annoy the mob. People joked around and discussed how the torturing room could be improved. The original poster also replied, assuring them that they would make a part 2 of this.

Many noticed how the wandering trader was instantly killed by the beast at the start of the clip. The overall scene was so hilarious that people mentioned it in the comments. The original poster joined in with the joke and said that he deserved to die as he was also making a lot of noise to annoy the beast.

One Redditor also mentioned how the player further tortured him by putting two bells right above the mob's little ears. To this, the original poster humorously replied that the mob's ears are not small at all.

Overall, people got a good laugh out of the video where the terrifying beast was being tortured by sounds coming from mobs and items. The Warden will be released sometime in 2022 as part of Minecraft's The Wild Update 1.19. It is considered to be one of the scariest and strongest mobs ever added to Minecraft.

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