Minecraft's oldest anarchy server, 2b2t, finally receives update after five years, and fans aren't happy

2b2t has finally been updated to Minecraft 1.19 (Image via Sportskeeda)
2b2t has finally been updated to Minecraft 1.19 (Image via Sportskeeda)

One of Minecraft's oldest anarchy servers, 2b2t, has finally received a 1.19 update. Prior to this, the massive server was operating on the old 1.12 game version. This upgrade will bring over seven updates worth of content in one go, from Update Aquatic to The Wild update. However, many players are not all that happy with the development.

This is because it changes quite a few aspects that make 2b2t a free-for-all anarchy server. Though the server will still thrive, it is safe to say that many will leave for good.

What went wrong with 2b2t after it was updated to Minecraft 1.19?

Soft item economy reset and removal of illegal items

One of the most important and iconic aspects of the 2b2t server was that its world was never reset, no matter how bad the spawn point looked, how much griefing had taken place, or how many items had been duplicated and kept in massive stashes. Unfortunately, this changes with the new update.


In the Minecraft 1.19 update patch notes for 2b2t, a section stated how the item economy has been reset for players to once again find them, and several item duplication exploits have hurt the server for several years.

Items like end crystals, bottles of enchanting, enchanted golden apples, and totems of undying have been removed from storage spaces and stashes, regardless of whether they were stored in ender chests, shulkers, or chests.

Apart from removing most of these duplicated items, the update does away with any illegal items that have exorbitant values of durability, enchants, and stack size.

This is clearly contradictory to the aspect 2b2t was famous for - that it never resets anything that happens on the server.

Stricter anti-cheat


Since 2b2t was a pure anarchy Minecraft server. It even allowed a few hacks and cheats, through which players were able to teleport, fly quicker, outline entities and blocks that have been interacted with around an area, and even look at other players' health and XP. However, the 1.19 update of the server brings a much stronger anti-cheat, preventing players from using movement exploits.

The anti-cheat will also try to remove the capability of using X-ray through cheats on the server, though this is an experimental change and could be reverted later.

Old and untouched chunk trimming


With the new update, 2b2t will no longer load old Minecraft 1.12 chunks that were generated for a few seconds and completely untouched by any player. These chunks include those through which a player must have traveled to reach a certain destination. They will now be completely regenerated in the new 1.19 terrain.

This means that the old generated Minecraft chunks that somewhat created a path towards various bases will no longer be preserved. Though this is not the most annoying and contradictory change in 2b2t, terrain and chunk resetting may be frowned upon by many.

In conclusion, the 2b2t community appears unhappy with these changes on the oldest Minecraft anarchy server, even though they are plenty of new vanilla content in one go.