Minecraft star GeorgeNotFound shares his first selfie with Sapnap

GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap (Image via Wikitubia Fandom)
GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap (Image via Wikitubia Fandom)

Famous Minecraft star GeorgeNotFound recently shared the first selfie he took with Sapnap from when they met each other at an airport. The tweet instantly got thousands of likes and comments as fans were eagerly waiting for them to meet in real life.

Both have been good friends with each other for quite some time now and are usually seen together in several Minecraft videos and streams. They have been a part of all of Dream's manhunt videos and are good friends with him as well. They are also an integral part of the famed Minecraft server called Dream SMP.

Millions of fans were eagerly waiting for both to meet each other. Sapnap recently went to the UK and posted several photos on Instagram with his friend, however this was their first official photo on Twitter. George posted a photo captioning it as their first selfie together. The photo was taken outside the airport where both of them were delighted to see each other.

Reactions from fans on Minecraft stars GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap's first selfie

As the duo have a huge following social platforms, thousands of fans flocked to the tweet and expressed their excitement and joy as their favorite content creators met each other. Several fellow content creators also humorously commented on the post.

Quackity, another well-known streamer and a good friend of GeorgeNotFound, acted in complete shock when both the famous content creators met each other. However, George humorously denied that they met. George and Quackity met each other in late 2021.

Karl Jacobs, another well-known streamer complimented the duo by calling them 'handsome'. He and Sapnap are good friends and they also host their own podcast, called BANTER.

Skeppy, a well-known streamer, humorously replied that they saw someone in the background of the photo. To this, several people replied to the implication and hilariously edited Dream and BadBoyHalo in the background of the photo. The four are very good friends of each other, hence when the two of them met, fans humorously edited the other two streamers into the photo as well.

Other than these, thousands of comments poured in from fans of both the famous content creatorst. People humorously pointed out how much lint there was on Sapnap's cap and hilariously suggested that he use a lint roller. Others simply lost their minds in excitement after seeing their favorite content creators finally meet.

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