Minecraft YouTuber Bajan Canadian announces comeback

Image via Soundcloud
Image via Soundcloud
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It appears that Minecraft YouTuber Bajan Canadian is about to make a comeback.

After being away from the Minecraft YouTube community for roughly two years, Bajan Canadian, or Mitch Hughes, plans on sharing Minecraft content once more. The now 27 year old undoubtedly contributed to the initial creation of the Minecraft YouTube community itself as he was one of the first popular Minecraft content creators in the early 2010s.

He has been inactive on YouTube for quite some time now, but not for much longer.

The upcoming comeback of Minecraft YouTuber Bajan Canadian

Who is Bajan Canadian?

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Bajan Canadian was a frequent contributor and member of Team Crafted, a popular and collaborative group of Minecraft YouTubers formed back in 2012, comparable to that of the Dream Team or the Dream SMP members today.

He particularly rose to fame with his counterpart JeromeASF thanks to their highly acclaimed Minecraft Hunger Games series. The Bajan Canadian channel currently sits at 5.78 million subscribers.

In 2019, however, Bajan Canadian stopped uploading videos to his channel. Then in early 2021, he changed all of his popular videos from public to unlisted with no announcement or explanation.

He even stopped using social media as often, seemingly starting to vanish off the face of the internet.

The sudden disappearance was shocking to fans, as back during his prime, Bajan Canadian’s channel had hundreds of Minecraft videos with millions of views. He was among the most successful Minecraft YouTubers of the time and had a dedicated fan base behind him.

However, his disconnect from Minecraft YouTube may be partly due to a rumored feud he had with former collaborator SkyDoesMinecraft who is still active on YouTube today.

The only videos currently left readily available on his YouTube channel are his Minecraft music videos.

The rest are still unlisted, but can be accessed under the Playlists tab on his channel.

Upcoming Comeback

Recently, Bajan Canadian began tweeting more frequently again, finally acknowledging his absence and announcing that he will be back to making Minecraft content sometime in the near future.

In April, he acknowledged his hiatus and updated fans with this tweet:

One of his most recent tweets shows the YouTube star back in action:

Perhaps all this time he was busy coding a new kind of Skyblock, as this tweet suggests:

He even tweeted the following in search of a video editor, confirming that he is serious about making his return to the Minecraft YouTube community.

He has also hinted at the creation of various Minecraft servers, mods, and possible content that he’s been working on with fellow gamers in lieu of his lack of uploads. It appears that Bajan Canadian has lots of long awaited content in the works for his fans.

Although he’s been gone from YouTube for a while, Mitch has been working at a management agency called Blackshore that represents popular YouTubers. So, it may be that his hiatus was spent ensuring that his content is better than ever prior to making any new videos.

His absence might also be due in part to personal reasons, though Mitch is not often vocal about his personal life on the internet.

Because he is so reserved online, the exact timeline of his re-debut on YouTube is unclear, but it could potentially be within this year. Nevertheless, Bajan Canadian has shown that sometimes a break is necessary in order to thrive in the future.

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