Mojang announces new Minecraft Legends strategy game at Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase, release year revealed

Minecraft Legends is set to release in 2023! (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Legends is set to release in 2023! (Image via Mojang)
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On June 12, 2022, Mojang revealed a new spin-off action strategy game based on the world of Minecraft: Minecraft Legends. The spin-off was said to be in development during the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase and is set to get a full release sometime in 2023.

Discover the mysteries of #MinecraftLegends, a new action strategy game. Lead your allies in heroic battles to defend the Overworld from the destructive piglins. Coming 2023! #UnitetheOverworld…

Fans have been hoping for more content since the recent release of Minecraft 1.19 on June 7, 2022. And this reveal has got the community pretty excited.

This brand new spin-off will be more akin to StarCraft than the open-ended sandbox game that is the original MC.

Mojang offers essential information regarding Minecraft Legends


A trailer was released for the upcoming action game this afternoon, June 12, 2022. The game will look a bit different than the original sandbox game that many fans know and love, but it'll keep the same block-centric style and characters. It'll also have its own plotline rather than being just an open-world adventure.

Minecraft Legends follows the story of an overworld invaded by the destructive Piglins that hail from the Nether. The hero, the character that the player will be playing as, sits atop their horse and has to command their troops and allies in heroic, fiery fights against the Piglins.

It appears that the hero will be able to recruit several normally-hostile mobs, such as zombie villagers, skeletons, and creepers. These mobs are all pictured running alongside the hero in the trailer and will serve as allies, helping defend the overworld from the Piglins.

This isn't the first spin-off game that's been released in the wake of the eleven-year-old blockbuster. MC Dungeons, a dungeon crawler spin-off inspired by the original sandbox game that was released in 2020, has been the most successful among these spin-off games thus far.

Fan reactions to the reveal of MC Legends


Many fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the game and looking forward to another spin-off that has a linear plotline and offers unique, more challenging mechanics than the original MC.

That said, other fans, many of whom were disappointed with the recent 1.19 The Wild Update, believe that the effort that went into this spin-off should have been directed towards the past few updates for the original sandbox game.

@legends_game So that's what you guys have been working on instead of optimizing your game? Dungeons is optimized and I bet this will be too. When are you actually going to optimize Minecraft? It's been 19 months
@legends_game Would ya all ever add more content to the base game instead of developing spin off titles
@legends_game Great! Another Minecraft game from which we could get new content to actual Minecraft!
@legends_game nice but next timework on your main game and release normal updatesthe 1.19 is just caves&cliffs part 3and still no archeology3 parts and the full update isnt out yeetnow 1.20 will probably be caves&cliffs part 4 with the archeologymojang please work on the main game.

MC will forever be an unfinished project. As one of the most open-ended games out there, it would take years of updates and effort to make it feel complete. That said, it's understandable that fans who felt let down by the 1.19 update feel as if their toes have been stepped on with the reveal for a brand new game coming days after such a lackluster update.

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