New information about cosmetics releasing in Minecraft Dungeons update revealed

Minecraft Dungeons is getting seasonal in the next update (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Dungeons is getting seasonal in the next update (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Dungeons is releasing the Cloudy Climb update tomorrow. The update will send the game into seasonal mode, something many other games have done in recent memory. All platforms will experience the first season at the same time.

There are already several confirmed rewards that will be in the free and premium pass for Cloudy Climb, and more information has been revealed about them ahead of the update going live.

You can find the Minecraft Skindex here.

Cosmetic rewards available in Minecraft Dungeons Cloudy Climb update

For players who don't purchase the Adventure Pass, there will still be free tiers that they can unlock. In total, Mojang has confirmed the following rewards thus far:

  • Ornithologist skin
  • Pride skin
  • Seasons Cape
  • Ironic Dance emote
  • Stylish Spins emote
  • Axolotl emote
  • Healing Wind flair
  • Confetti flair
  • Sunbeam flair
  • Firework flair
  • Toucan pet
  • Spotted Pig pet
  • Baby Squid pet

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Your mission for today: adore this mischievous little Fox and Spotted Baby Pig. #CloudyClimb

However, there will be more than just those rewards available for players. This is what Mojang had to say on their official site:

"In addition to the free reward track, purchasing an Adventure Pass grants access to even more rewards that can be earned in-game. With Season 1, there are 35 free rewards and 50 premium rewards. If a player unlocks several Adventure Ranks on the free track and then purchases the Adventure Pass, the premium rewards for all earned Adventure Ranks are retroactively unlocked."

The rewards haven't been announced yet, but players don't have to wait very long to see all of them. There was a downtime scheduled for today that has already occurred in many time zones, so the update is being released for use tomorrow.

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Heads up, heroes! There will be a planned downtime for Dungeons while we wheel in the Tower on Dec 13 at 13:00 ET, 10:00 PT, and 19:00 CET ahead of the #CloudyClimb release. This will only affect your connectivity status where you may see a red cross instead of a green square.

Minecraft Dungeons players everywhere will see the full Adventure Pass and free rewards tomorrow as soon as they log in. There are 15 more rewards for Cloudy Climb Adventure Pass subscribers, but there might also be higher quality rewards on top of that.

Cloudy Climb will be the first of many seasons (Image via Mojang)
Cloudy Climb will be the first of many seasons (Image via Mojang)

Additionally, while this will be the first season, these rewards won't expire when the second one comes around. Players can continue to retroactively unlock all of them even after the season ends.

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