Redditor creates impressive art using Minecraft

Beautiful artwork created with the help of Minecraft (Image via u/Sgelk on Reddit)
Beautiful artwork created with the help of Minecraft (Image via u/Sgelk on Reddit)

Since Minecraft's early days, players have been creating beautiful artworks with blocks. Minecraft has hundreds of unique blocks, and the list continues to grow with every game update.

Every block has different uses and unique colors in Minecraft. Because of the wide assortment of textures, players can build anything their minds can imagine. Players also get a nearly-endless world to showcase their creativity.

Reddit user u/Sgelk built a beautiful scene in Minecraft and used it to create an art piece. OP (Original Poster) showcased the entire process of transforming their build into a painting.

Minecraft player turns their build into an art

The post

In Minecraft, players have a vast world accessible to them. Redditor u/Sgelk decided to build a house with a magical surrounding in a big cave. Judging by the size of the cave, this was probably done in a 1.18 snapshot.

OP created a charming small house in the middle of a cave. In front of the house, OP created a small flowing river. Later, they also created trees made of newly added amethyst clusters to add a feeling of magic.

Amethyst clusters are faint light sources that emit light of level 4. It was an excellent choice for underground trees. OP also used glow lichen, another new light block, to light up the area.

After the build was ready, OP took a screenshot of their creation and started making digital art. They first smoothened up the edges of blocks to remove the Minecrafty feeling.

Final result (Image via u/Sgelk on Reddit)
Final result (Image via u/Sgelk on Reddit)

OP started removing the pixelated textures by adding more colors to amethyst, grass, river, and other blocks. OP added many small details such as reflections, tall grasses, flowers, etc.

After being done with detailing, OP started adding a character to the image. A witch lost in her thoughts near the river completed the artwork. As mentioned by many Redditors, the finished piece was spectacular.


u/Sgelk's idea was unique and inspired many Redditors to try and build their artwork using Minecraft. The post got over 58k upvotes and received tons of positive comments. Reddit user u/CrunchCreamYT mentioned how OP's artwork looks beautiful.

Redditor u/GirthwormGym suggested OP post this on the r/digitalart subreddit. Without a doubt, OP's skill would be appreciated there as well.

Reddit user u/muzau explained how OP's post is what players visualize when they see their builds completed or come across a beautiful landscape. Turning Minecraft creations into real art can look pretty amazing.

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