Suspicious stew in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Suspicious stew food (Image via
Suspicious stew food (Image via
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Modified 07 Apr 2021

Suspicious stew is fun, craftable food in Minecraft. It's found in loot chests and can even give players slight potion effects.

Suspicious stew is very similar to regular stew in Minecraft. Both stews are made with brown and speckled mushrooms, but what makes suspicious stew different is the properties it holds.

What is Minecraft's suspicious stew?

Suspicious stew is a stew that has special properties. These properties are like potions and can give players special abilities, like fire resistance, weakness, and regeneration. In addition to these special properties, the stew also restores 6 hunger points (3 hunger bars) and 7.2 hunger saturation points. Different forms of suspicious stew can be crafted on a crafting table.

How do players make suspicious stew



Suspicious stew is made by crafting a brown mushroom, a speckled mushroom, a stew bowl, and a flower. Each flower will produce a different effect on the suspicious stew.

Brown and speckled mushrooms can be found in low-light-level areas, usually below light level 12. These mushrooms will spawn underground in caves and almost everywhere in the Nether. They will also spawn in the overworld in swamps, giant tree taiga, and mushroom field biomes. Players have also seen mushrooms in dark oak wood forests where the trees often block out light.

Each flower will produce a different effect on the suspicious stew, and flowers can be found in many different places. Common flowers like roses and dandelions are found in plains, while some rarer flowers can only be found in the flower forest biome. Players will have to look all around their Minecraft world for certain flower types.

What does each flower do to suspicious stew?

Suspicious stew crafting Minecraft (Image via Reddit)
Suspicious stew crafting Minecraft (Image via Reddit)

Since each flower creates a different stew effect, players need to know which flower does what. The suspicious stew can be categorized into negative and positive effects.

Six of these flowers will give the player a positive effect:

  • Allium gives the player fire resistance
  • Blue orchids and dandelions give the player extra food saturation
  • Cornflower gives the player a jump boost
  • Oxeye daisies give the player regeneration
  • Poppies give the player night vision

Four of these flowers will give the player negative effects:

  • Azure Bluet gives the player blindness
  • Lily of the Valley gives the player poison
  • Tulips give the player weakness
  • Wither roses give the player Wither hearts

These potions only ever last anywhere between 0.35 and 12 seconds, so players shouldn't expect to use them long-term in battle. The negative potion effects aren't likely to kill a player at full health.

Fun facts about suspicious stew

Suspicious stew is one of the few items not found in the creative inventory or Minecraft recipe books.

Minecraft developers added in suspicious stew to show that the Lilies of the Valley were a poisonous flower, and the extra ingredients were added for fun.

Published 07 Apr 2021, 02:13 IST
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