Where to get brown mushrooms in Minecraft?

The Mooshroom mob in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
The Mooshroom mob in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Players must have experienced that feeling where they played Minecraft and started craving mushroom stew.

In Minecraft, there are two meanings to the term "brown mushroom." One is the most prevalent; the fungi are a key to making mushroom stew and can be found in a few biomes. The other is the Mooshroom mob variant, which has stolen the hearts of Minecraft players.

The Fungi

The brown mushroom is a mushroom stew component (made in company with a bowl and red mushroom). These are not difficult to find but are very nourishing when made into soup. This stew can keep a Minecraft character full for a long time.

Where are they?

Gamers can usually find brown mushrooms in shaded areas; areas under trees and swamplands are promising places to gather them. They also generate in the Nether and proliferate in the mushroom biome.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Huge mushrooms

Huge mushrooms in Minecraft are the large mushrooms that grow to the height of a tree. These can be both discovered and grown. A player can plant a brown mushroom and apply bonemeal to it to reap the results of a large mushroom with enough space (7*7*9 blocks).

An unlikely source

Brown mushrooms can also be picked off of the brown mooshroom, an extremely rare mob.

Minecraft mob variant

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The mooshroom mob made its first appearance in the 1.9 beta pre-release. Since then, it has been adored by much of the Minecraft community.

Normally, they pose the qualities of the red mushroom. However, a brown mooshroom has the .00097% of spawning on its own. Red mooshrooms can also turn into brown mooshrooms if they are struck by lighting - like a charged creeper.

Mooshrooms can provide mushroom stew, brown mushrooms, milk, and suspicious stew. These mobs should be treated with care, as they are extraordinarily uncommon and have a lot to offer.

Uses of the brown mushroom

Brown mushrooms are an ingredient for a few items other than mushroom stew. It is also used to make suspicious stew, rabbit stew, and fermented spider eyes.

Suspicious stew

Ingredients used to make suspicious stews in Minecraft are:

  • (1) brown mushroom
  • (1) red mushroom
  • (1) flower of choice
  • (1) bowl

To make the stew, players must place the red mushroom in the top middle slot, with the brown mushroom left of it and the flower of choice to the right. They can set the bowl in the middle space, and the product is the stew.

Rabbit stew

  • (1) brown mushroom
  • (1) carrot
  • (1) bowl
  • (1) baked potato
  • (1) cooked rabbit

To make it, the ingredients should be arranged in this fashion:

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Fermented Spider Eye

  • (1) brown mushroom
  • (1) Spider eye
  • (1) sugar

Games must arrange the sugar at the top middle, with the brown mushroom just left of it. After that, they can place the spider eye in the middle slot, and the result should be a fermented spider eye.

The brown mushroom is a peculiar but versatile part of the horticulture in Minecraft.

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