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Fermented Spider Eye

There are many potion ingredients available in Minecraft, the fermented spider eye is one you will want to familiarize yourself with if you want to brew potions. The fermented spider eye will often turn potions into their opposite effects. For example, a potion of swiftness brewed with a fermented spider eye will turn into a potion of slowness. The brewing recipes are simple enough to remember, but the fermented spider eye requires some unique ingredients.

Fermented Spider eye chest

How to Craft?

- Spider Eye

- Sugar

-Brown Mushroom

Spider eyes are found from spiders. It is a rarer drop than string, but should not take too long to acquire. Sugar can be found from sugarcane. Place a sugarcane into your crafting menu to turn it into sugar. The recipe also requires a brown mushroom. You cannot use a red mushroom for crafting a fermented spider eye. Check dark caves, dark oak biomes, and swamps to track down a mushroom. If you have trouble finding any of these biomes, you can also find brown mushrooms commonly in nether biomes.

With all your ingredients, open your crafting menu and place all three ingredients into the crafting grid. The arrangement of the ingredients does not matter.

crafting fermented spider eye in Minecraft

You can use a crafting table, or the inventory crafting grid to make a fermented spider eye.

How to Use?


You cannot eat fermented spider eyes like regular spider eyes. Their only use is for brewing potions. Making a lot of fermented spider eyes can be useful as you do not need nether wart to brew a potion of harming. Place water bottles at the bottom of your brewing stand and place the fermented spider eye in the ingredient slot to make potions of weakness.

Crafting water bottle

After it is done brewing you will be rewarded with three potions of weakness.

Crafting potion of weakness

These are not very helpful on their own as you can only drink them yourself. To utilize these against enemies you will need to turn them into splash potions by placing gunpowder in the ingredient slot. Potions of weakness are required to cure a zombie villager.

You can use fermented spider eyes to make four different potions. While you will need to brew other potions in order to utilize the inverse effect that the fermented spider eye provides, you do not need them for potions of weakness. To brew potion of slowness you can use either potion of leaping or potion of swiftness.

Brewing potion of Leaping

Place the potions in the bottom slots and wait for the fermented spider eye to brew into them. For this example I placed two potions of leaping and one potion of swiftness. As you can see even with different potions, as long as you have the correct recipe, you will brew a potion effect.

Potion of slowness

If you change the potion base to potion of healing or potion of poison, you will brew potions of harming.

potion of poison

You can turn these potions of harming into splash potions with gunpowder as the potion ingredient. Keep these away from undead mobs as they will be healed rather than hurt by these potions.

Finally, to make potions of invisibility you will need a night vision potion as a base.

Potion of nightvision


This recipe makes the least sense for inverting effects as it makes more sense that the potion effect ought to be blindness. Nevertheless, a potion of night vision plus a fermented spider eye will grant you potions of invisibility.

Potion of Invisibility

What Potions use Fermented Spider Eye?

The four potions you can brew with fermented spider eyes are: potion of weakness, potion of slowness, potion of invisibility, and potion of harming. For potion of slowness you will need a base potion of swiftness or leaping first. The potion of harming requires potion of healing or poison to brew, and the potion of invisibility requires a night vision potion.

Potion of WeaknessFermented Spider Eye + Water Bottles
Potion of SlownessFermented Spider Eye + Potion of Swiftness or Potion of Leaping
Potion of HarmingFermented Spider Eye + Potion of Healing or Potion of Poison
Potion of InvisibilityFermented Spider Eye + Potion of Night Vision

Many of these potion effects are self-explanatory. Potion of weakness will lower your attack damage, but only for melee attacks. Potion of slowness will cut down movement speed by about 15%. Potion of harming deals three hearts of instant damage and will heal undead mobs for that amount. Potion of invisibility will make the player invisible, this does not apply to your armor, but will lower the aggro range of many mobs.


Other than base ingredients like nether wart, gunpowder, or glowstone, fermented spider eyes are used to brew the most potions, making it a valuable ingredient for any would-be alchemist.

Fermented spider eyes will invert the effects of a potion. This makes remembering the recipes for many potions a little easier.


How do you farm Spider Eyes?


It is much easier to find spider eyes with a Looting III enchantment. Otherwise keep an eye out for spiders or keep a spider spawner instead of destroying one. You can find spider spawners in naturally generated dungeons, and cave spider spawners in abandoned mine shafts. Utilize these to get the spider eyes you need.

Do Spiders take fall damage?

Spiders may be able to climb walls, but they are not immune to fall damage. Interestingly enough, if the spider takes damage from any source that is not the player they will return to their neutral state.

How much XP does a Spider give?

Spiders will drop 5 experience when defeated. This is similar to other mobs, but spiders will never drop more from having equipment as they cannot spawn with equipment.

How do you kill Cave Spiders?

Cave spiders can be dangerous as they can inflict poison and they are smaller than regular spiders so you cannot block them off with regular blocks and still hit them. You will need slabs to wall off cave spiders and a bucket of milk to cure poison. Try to wall them off and hit them through slabs to thin their numbers and prevent them from attacking you.

Can you tame a Spider in Minecraft?

You cannot tame a spider in Minecraft. Spiders are neutral in light levels higher than 11. This means they won’t attack you, but you cannot tame them to follow you and attack your enemi

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