"Stop making Tubbo burn himself!":  TommyInnit's mother, "MotherInnit" wins hearts online

TommyInnit and Tubbo recently live streamed together
TommyInnit and Tubbo recently live streamed together
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

One of Minecraft's most popular duos, TommyInnit and Tubbo, recently met up for a wildly entertaining live stream. It left the former's protective mother hilariously on edge.

The 17-year olds have been spending a lot of time in each other's company of late, often dabbling between hosting IRL and gaming streams.

Known for their antics and wholesome camaraderie with one another, their recent shenanigans on live stream invoked the wrath of TommyInnit's parents recently, especially his mother.

In light of these events, several viewers were quick to christen her as "MotherInnit." Fans would later come up with a slew of responses to Tommy x Tubbo's hilarious antics.

TommyInnit x Tubbo forced to end "cooking" IRL fire stream so that MotherInnit can watch "Line of Duty" in peace


In the clip above, TommyInnit and Tubbo can be seen sitting in a backyard next to a small fire.

As the former begins to tease his Minecraft counterpart about a "Light yourself on fire" challenge, he notices his mother looking at him suspiciously and hilariously attempts to duck out of her sight.

However, his "dangerous" remark ends up attracting the attention of "MotherInnit," who sternly interjects and reprimands her son:

"Stop making Tubbo burn himself! I mean it! Don't be burning each other!"

This leaves Tommy and Tubbo struggling to stifle a laugh, as the former innocently replies:

"Mother, I can explain! I know you mean it mother, it would be funny though! Mother, mother, mother believe me it will be one-thousand percent funnier. "


In another segment from their stream, TommyInnit's mother continued to reprimand the duo for their antics.

This time around, it was Tubbo's turn to be on the receiving end:

"Tubbo, I don't want you doing fire foot! No to fire foot."

Towards the end of the stream, "MotherInnit" could once again be heard expressing disappoval to her son's story of them supposedly "fostering rats" at home.

She then tells her son to end his stream, as she was bout to start watching the popular police procedural series "Line of Duty."

"Don't tell people that story! Also Line of Duty is on in 10 minutes so I don't want you burning . Tommy! 10 minutes, you two pack this in. "

Her statement triggers a hilarious mock-argument with TommyInnit, as he nonchalantly replies:

"We're not packing it in mum! Well you enjoy your show , we'll be out here with the fire , teaching people about manhood. You can watch your show. Oh, can we have some matches?"


In light of their eventful stream and wholesome family dynamic, social media was soon abuzz with reactions centered around the relationship that TommyInnit and MotherInnit share:

From the reactions above, it appears that it was MotherInnit who ultimately ended up being the real star of the chaotic TommyInnit x Tubbo stream.

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