TommyInnit barely survives a water course ft. GeorgeNotFound and Wilbur Soot in hilarious vlog

Image via Tom Simons/ YouTube
Image via Tom Simons/ YouTube

Minecraft star TommyInnit recently released his fourth vlog on YouTube, much to the amusement of scores of viewers watching across the globe.

The 17-year old Minecraft sensation has been churning out wholesome vlog-based content on a weekly basis ever since he launched his 'Tom Simons' channel, which has, so far, successfully ticked all the boxes in the entertainment department.

From jumping out of a plane, to taking over a theme park, TommyInnit's recent exploits have been extremely well-received by fans, who just can't seem to get enough of his weekly uploads.

In his latest upload, Tommy's adventure revolved around his visit to a water course park with fellow streamers GeorgeNotFound and Wilbur Soot for company.

From wreaking havoc in the park with their energetic antics to winning over fans with their wholesome camaraderie, TommyInnit's recent vlog soon invited a slew of reactions from fans online.

Fans come up with hilarious replies as TommyInnit, Wilbur Soot and GeorgeNotFound take over a water course park


Apart from dominating Twitch and YouTube with his Minecraft streams on a frequent basis, TommyInnit's recent foray into the realm of vlog-based content has got off to a rollicking start, with each of his videos raking in massive viewership figures so far.

In his latest vlog, before they could even enter the park, Wilbur Soot ended up regretting his wardrobe choice, as he ended up arriving in a "suit," thanks to a clever bit of deception on TommyInnit's part.

This led to a hilarious threat from his end, as he informed Tommy:

"Tommy, for the duration of this day I'm going to seek to make your life a living hell, just like you've made mine. "

What followed next was a flurry of non-stop activity as the trio made their way around a rather treacherous water course, riddled with numerous obstacles and narrow pathways.

While Wilbur was more or less at ease with his surroundings, going on to ace the course like a pro, Tommy and George were not so agile, as they ended up falling into the water numerous times, all in hilarious fashion.

"George, I think we should call ourselves team weak! because we're strong everyday of the week! "

What made the vlog all the more hilarious was Wilbur's persistent loyalty towards TommyInnit, all at the expense of GeorgeNotFound, who barely made it to the end:

"Tommy , me saving you is a show of our friendship and our truce and that, we've made up. You're making a scene, you're embarrassing us in front of the lifeguard ."

In response to his action-packed and wildly entertaining vlog, Twitter was soon abuzz with a plethora of reactions which highlighted the most memorable moments:

With memes, reactions and views coming in thick and fast, TommyInnit seems to have developed an uncanny knack for striking gold every single time he uploads.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod