Top 3 ways to kill ghasts in Minecraft

A ghast in the nether (Image via Minecraft)
A ghast in the nether (Image via Minecraft)
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Of all the hostile Minecraft mobs, ghasts are some of the most frustrating to deal with. Their screeches are terrifying, and their ranged, fiery attacks make traveling through the nether much harder for players.

Ghasts must be killed quickly once spotted, or else they’ll continue to reign in terror on users. Their fireballs can do a significant amount of damage not only to gamers, but to the surrounding environment in Minecraft as well.

Unfortunately, killing ghasts is not the easiest task to complete. However, there are a few different ways that Minecraft users can utilize when fighting against these mobs. With enough practice, these methods will likely prove to be successful.

Best ways to kill ghasts in Minecraft

3) Bow and Arrow

Using a bow and arrow against ghasts is quite common (Image via Reddit)
Using a bow and arrow against ghasts is quite common (Image via Reddit)

One of the most common ways to fight ghasts in Minecraft is with a bow and arrow. Because ghasts have ranged combat themselves, it is usually quite effective to fight back using the same method.

Before going into the nether, gamers should do their best to obtain a bow and as many arrows as possible in case they run into a ghast. Of course, a crossbow would be a great option as well. The mob is quite large, so shooting arrows tends to be a safe, sure-fire bet.

Ghasts can float around pretty quickly, so users will need to practice their aim to ensure this method will work. Typically, a ghast will die after just a couple hits of an arrow.

2) Fishing rod

Fishing for a ghast (Image via DeviantArt)
Fishing for a ghast (Image via DeviantArt)

Ghasts can shoot at players from very far away, as long as users have been spotted and the mob is aggravated. The further away the ghast, the more difficult it is to shoot back at it. A great way to combat this is by using a fishing rod.

For gamers who do not have the best aim with a bow, using a fishing rod to lure the ghast closer to instead engage in melee combat might be the best method of attack. Just like with most entities, snagging a ghast with a fishing rod will bring it much closer to players.

They can fish a ghast towards them, then use their weapon of choice to inflict damage, such as a sword or an axe.

1) Return to Sender


One of the best ways to kill ghasts in Minecraft will also earn players an achievement called "Return to Sender". This is done when a gamer hits a fireball thrown by a ghast directly back at the mob, causing it to take damage or even die instantly.

Shooting a ghast’s fireball back is most easily done with a sword in hand. Players must smack the fireball at just the right time to send it flying where it came from.

While this method is quite effective, it is definitely not the easiest. It takes precise timing to make this work, as otherwise, gamers will end up being hit by the fireball directly which can result in grave danger. It will surely take plenty of practice for Minecraft gamers to get good at this feat.

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