Top 5 Bedrock Edition exclusive achievements in Minecraft

Exclusive achievements in Bedrock (Image via Mojang)
Exclusive achievements in Bedrock (Image via Mojang)

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, achievements guide new players through the game and help them in making progress. Like advancements in Java Edition, players can get achievements by completing specific tasks, obtaining items, killing mobs, etc.

Players can find most of the Bedrock Edition achievements as advancements in Java Edition. Minecraft Bedrock Edition has comparatively more achievements than advancements in Java Edition.

Bedrock Edition players can get achievements for doing various things. Many of them are not available in Java Edition. This article shares some of the best achievements available only in Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Bedrock exclusive achievements

5) Moskstraumen

Moskstraumen means a system of tidal eddies and whirlpools found near Norway. However, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, it is an achievement for activating a conduit. Players can craft a conduit using eight nautilus shells and one heart of the sea.

To activate a conduit, players will have to place a conduit at the center of a 5x5x5 structure made of prismarine blocks. If the design is valid, the conduit will activate, and players will get the Moskstraumen achievement.

4) Super fuel

In Minecraft Java Edition, players have Hot Stuff advancement, whereas Bedrock Edition players have Super Fuel. Players can get the Super Fuel achievement by activating a furnace with a lava bucket - the best fuel in Minecraft.

3) Echolocation

Dolphins are lovely aquatic creatures which, when fed, can take players to treasure chests. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players can feed fish to dolphins and follow it to discover a shipwreck, buried chest, or ocean ruin. After discovering the chest, Bedrock players will get the Echolocation achievement.

2) Buy Low, Sell High

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has an excellent tip for players investing in villager trading. When a player buys an item for one emerald, they get the Buy Low, Sell High achievement. Players can get this achievement easily by curing zombie villagers and then trading with them.

Players can also get Buy Low, Sell High achievements by trading with villagers when they have the Hero of the Village status effect.

1) Leader of the Pack

As players may have guessed from its name, Leader of the Pack is an achievement related to adorable wolves in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players can get this achievement by taming five wolves.

Players do not need to tame them in one single world. This achievement can be obtained by taming wolves from other worlds as well.

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