Top 5 brilliant Minecraft mega base designs

Mega Minecraft bases (Image via TrixyBlox)
Mega Minecraft bases (Image via TrixyBlox)

In Minecraft, players get a nearly infinite world to showcase their creative skills. With every update adding new blocks and items, Minecrafters will always have a vast palette with hundreds of options to choose from.

Since its launch, building it has been one of the main aspects of Minecraft. Most players began their journey by creating a dirt house or surviving their starting days in some hobbit-hole. But as time passes, players move on to make better and more luxurious homes in Minecraft.

Mega bases are massive builds that require many hours and sometimes days to complete. This article showcases some excellent megabases built in Minecraft. Players can take some inspiration from these mind-blowing mega builds.

These are some of the most innovative Minecraft mega base designs

5) Omega tree

Jungle trees are the tallest tree variant in Minecraft. But those are nothing compared to the Omega Tree of Doom made by Iskall85. In Hermitcraft Season 7, everything Iskall did was just "Omega." He created a massive tree using thousands of logs and almost a million leaf blocks.

His mega tree featured a trading hall, a nether portal, a pile of diamonds, an item sorter, and more. Iskall85's Omega tree took a long time to complete and is a tough challenge for a regular player.

4) ImpulseSV's futuristic pyramid

Futuristic and modern builds are some of the most beautiful things players can make in Minecraft. ImpulseSV, another hermit from Hermitcraft, built a fantastic pyramid with multiple farms hidden inside.

Usually, people make massive builds and avoid filling up the interior as it can take more time than the exterior. After building this mega pyramid, ImpulseSV used the free space to make small farms.

3) Vesko's mega guardian farm

Vesko's guardian farm is nothing special, but the structure surrounding it is just magnificent. His base is perfectly symmetrical and has eight pillars supporting drills at the center. Vesko's mega build inspired Mumbo Jumbo's Hermitcraft Season 7 base.

Vesko has a build guide for his massive pillars on his YouTube channel. Players can use Vesko's pillar design to create beautiful megabases.

2) Mega temple

Many builders create their variant of desert temples in Minecraft. Reddit user u/NotSafeForEmployment went overboard with his desert temple and created something beyond anybody's imagination.

The Redditor created a mega desert temple covering thousands of blocks. This mega build took over a year to complete. The entire project is filled with minor details and beautiful lighting.

1) TrixyBlox's desert temple transformation

TrixyBlox is among the best Minecraft builders of all time. He gained popularity by transforming the bases of popular YouTubers like PewDiePie, DanTDM, and Jacksepticeye.

TrixyBlox is also known for transforming generated Minecraft structures at a massive scale. His desert temple transformation is breathtaking and enchanting. TrixyBlox likes to tell a story with his builds which bring life to his creations.

Note: The list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

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