Top 5 glitched Minecraft seeds

Glitched seeds (Image via Minecraft)
Glitched seeds (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft provides players with an open world filled with beautiful terrain, magnificent structures, adorable animals and dangerous monsters. Almost everything in a Minecraft world is decided by the seed used during its creation.

Many believe that the world generation in Minecraft is completely random, but that's not entirely true. Seeds play a major role during the generation of the world. Sometimes, seeds can create weird world generations, such as infinitely repeating ravines or structures.

This article shares some of the most bizarre and glitched Minecraft seeds.

Glitched Minecraft seeds: Floating island, activated end portal and more

5) A glitched activated end portal (Seed: -7394691493616634517)

A glitched end portal (Image via Minecraft)
A glitched end portal (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, end portals are rare structures found only inside strongholds. One end portal is made of 12 portal frames. Players will have to place one eye of ender in every frame to activate the portal.

Sometimes, these portals can generate with the eyes of ender already placed on the frames. Usually, activated end portals generate with 12 eyes of ender. However, in this Java seed, players can find a glitched end portal activated with only six eyes of ender at X -1758 Y 40 Z -1406.

4) A floating island (Seed: 5501673681545414604)

A floating island (Image via Minecraft)
A floating island (Image via Minecraft)

Shattered savannas are considered one of the coolest biomes in Minecraft due to their extreme terrain generation. They allow players to experience the world type, Amplified, in regular worlds.

In this Java seed, players can find floating islands at greater heights in a savanna biome at X -354 Z -1960. It is not exactly a glitch, but finding floating islands with trees is pretty rare.

3) Natural pig spawners (Seed: -4385290424787160722)

Pig spawner (Image via Minecraft)
Pig spawner (Image via Minecraft)

Many times, structures can generate quite close to each other, leading to bizarre generations. In this Java seed, players can find a natural pig spawner at X -815 Y 47 Z 2059, which shouldn't exist in an ordinary world.

It happens when two dungeons generate close to each other. A chest from one dungeon resets the other dungeon's spawner and turns it into a pig spawner. However, this spawner won't spawn any pigs.

2) Repeating lava layers and eight amethyst geodes (Seed: 164311266871034)

Repeating lava generation (Image via Minecraft)
Repeating lava generation (Image via Minecraft)

This Java seed is one of those rare repeating seeds where the world generation continues to repeat in a specific pattern. In this seed, players can find eight amethyst geodes right under a village at spawn.

Beneath the geodes, players can find repeating layers of lava. Those who like to collect peculiar seeds will love this one.

1) Repeating ravines (Seed: 1669320484)

Repeating ravines (Image via Minecraft)
Repeating ravines (Image via Minecraft)

When talking about glitchy and bizarre seeds, the popular Bedrock ravine seed always deserves a place. Players can find multiple terrain features like lakes, trees, and a massively broken ravine repeating every chunk diagonally in this seed. Almost every block repeats in this long chain of ravines.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

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