Top 5 Minecraft The Wild Update features fans are excited for

Frogs in the game (Image via Mojang)
Frogs in the game (Image via Mojang)

The developers of Minecraft are constantly working to push out new features through game updates. During the most awaited Minecraft event of the year, the next major update of Minecraft was announced. It was titled "The Wild Update."

The release date for the update is yet to be revealed, but it will come out next year. The developers have also said that the 1.18 update is almost ready, and it will come out in a month or two.

Upcoming Minecraft 1.19 features that fans are excited for


5) Mangrove trees and wood

A mangrove tree in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
A mangrove tree in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Like the Minecraft 1.18 update, 1.19 also brings a new tree. Mangroves are the first-ever tree in the game that can be grown both on the surface and underwater. Its logs and planks look quite similar to jungle wood.

Players can grow these trees using mangrove propagules, and more propagules can be obtained from grown mangrove trees.

4) New swamp biome

But where can I root out these newest of trees, we hear you cry!? In our newest of biomes, of course, the Mangrove Swamp!↣

Swamp is getting a complete overhaul as it has become arguably one of the dullest biomes in the game. A new swamp variant will be added called the mangrove swamp. In this biome, players can find the new mangrove trees in abundance and a new block called mud.

Mud can also be used to craft mud bricks which will be great for building small huts in the swamp.

3) Tadpoles, frogs, and other new mobs

We're also adding tadpoles! So tiny, so cute, so in tune with their surroundings!↣

With the 1.19 update, a handful of new mobs will be introduced. Developers have revealed that three new mobs - frogs, tadpoles and fireflies - will spawn in swamp biomes.

Along with these cute mobs, the warden will also be added to the game. Allay, the winner of the mob vote, is also set to make its way into the game with this update.

2) Sculk blocks

A sculk shrieker (Image via Mojang)
A sculk shrieker (Image via Mojang)

The developers of Minecraft revealed two new sculk blocks. One of them is the sculk catalyst, and the other one is the sculk shrieker. When a mob dies close to a sculk catalyst, sculk starts growing underneath it.

Shrieker is a unique sculk block that makes a shrieking sound upon activation. It will also summon the warden if activated too many times in the new deep dark city.

1) Deep dark city


The developers have decided that they won't be releasing the highly awaited deep dark caves or the warden in the 1.19 update. The deep dark caves will be expanded, and a new structure called the deep dark city will be introduced.

It is arguably one of the scariest places in the game that looks like an ancient underground city. There's also going to be unique loot somewhere in the center of the city, and many candles and sculk blocks can also be seen here.

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