Top 5 passive aquatic mobs in Minecraft

Tropical fish, Axolotl, and Turtle are one of the best passive aquatic mobs (Image via Minecraft)
Tropical fish, Axolotl, and Turtle are one of the best passive aquatic mobs (Image via Minecraft)
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Minecraft has a plethora of passive aquatic mobs. Nearly half of the game's vast map is covered with several types of water bodies. There are rivers, oceans, seas and more, which players can dive into and explore.

The underwater life is lively with loads of mobs. Few of them are hostile towards players, some are neutral while others tend to be passive and shy.

Mobs like drowned, guardians and elder guardians are hostile towards players, hence should be avoided and killed. Some are neutral with which players can stay as long as they do not hurt the mob. Dolphins are one of the most liked neutral aquatic mobs.

But when it comes to passive ones, there are several types of mobs, from common cod and salmon, to rare and cute Axolotls. Here are the top five passive aquatic mobs to witness and even keep as pets.

5 of the best passive aquatic mobs in Minecraft

5) Pufferfish

Pufferfish (Image via Minecraft)
Pufferfish (Image via Minecraft)

Pufferfish are goofy mobs that are naturally found in warm oceans with tropical fish. When players find them, they will be in their tiny form i.e. non-puffed form.

However, the moment players come near it, the mob will puff up in two stages and put a light poison effect on them. Even though the pufferfish can poison players, they still come under the passive category.

These mobs are quite essential to players despite being less attractive, simply because they are used in brewing to make a potion of water breathing. Water breathing potions are great as they can help players breathe underwater for a long time.

4) Turtle

Turtle (Image via Minecraft)
Turtle (Image via Minecraft)

Turtles are large yet cute-looking passive mobs that are usually found on beaches and underwater. They spawn in groups of two to four, with baby turtles rarely spawning with them.

They move at a very slow pace when they are on land, but can easily swim fast underwater. These mobs are great if players want to make a beach house and keep them for aesthetic purposes and even as a pet.

Other than the looks, these mobs can breed with seagrass and lay eggs in a suitable place after a while. These eggs need to be protected by players from hostile mobs and other calamities as they are quite fragile.

When baby turtles hatch and grow, they drop scutes that can be used to craft turtle shells. Turtle shells can further be used to brew the potion of turtle master.

3) Glow Squids

Glow squid (Image via Minecraft)
Glow squid (Image via Minecraft)

In the Caves and Cliffs update part 1, Mojang added these new mobs called 'Glow Squids.' These are glowing variants of regular squids and can be easily spotted underwater from far away. Players loved them because they looked enchanting due to their aqua colored glow.

Though it can be tough to keep them as pets, players can keep them in a personalized lake and put a name tag on them so that they don't despawn. However, if they are killed, they drop glow ink sacs, which can be combined with regular signs and item frames to make them glow. This enables players to see them from afar and identify their contents even at night.

2) Tropical Fish

Tropical fish (Image via Minecraft)
Tropical fish (Image via Minecraft)

Tropical fish are a beautiful type of mob in the game as they come in loads of different colors and sizes. In the game, there are a total of 2700 different types of tropical fish in terms of color, design and shape.

Due to the number of variants, they are great mobs if players want to keep them as a pet fish in a custom made fish tank. These mobs are found in warm ocean biomes, especially near coral reefs.

Tropical fish can be captured in a bucket and can be transferred anywhere. They can also be killed and dropped as a separate item. The variants don't affect the type of item they drop as a generic 'Tropical fish.' They can be used to breed Axolotls as well.

1) Axolotls

Axolotls (Image via Minecraft)
Axolotls (Image via Minecraft)

Axolotls are one of the cutest mobs recently added to the game in Caves and Cliffs part 1. They spawn in Lush Caves and are uncommon. This was an instant hit right after their release as people loved keeping them as pets. They can also be kept in buckets that are even cuter.

Other than being a passive pet, these can even help players fight hostile aquatic mobs. If one can coordinate well with the mob, they can even get a regeneration effect from them while in the fight.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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