Top 5 rarest capes in Minecraft

Rarest Minecraft capes
Rarest Minecraft capes
Manish Kumar Choudhary

Some Minecraft players love to brag about their stacks of diamonds and netherite, while others show off their building skills through beautiful bases and structures. Few players choose to flex using their rare capes.

Even though capes are just cosmetic items with no particular use, they are still among the rarest things in Minecraft. Developers officially give capes to specific players. Before Minecon Earth 2017, Mojang used to give out free capes to all the participants.

A long time ago, developers used to give special capes to players with helpful suggestions and more. Capes have become rare, and only veteran players have access to them in vanilla Minecraft. Players can always use mods or add-ons to get capes for free, but that won't be visible to everyone.

A handful of players have the rarest capes in their possession.

Rarest capes in Minecraft

#5 - Translator cape with Japan's flag

A translator cape (Image via u/enDoesGames)
A translator cape (Image via u/enDoesGames)

Usually, the translator capes are given to the players who have helped translate the game into their languages. Back in 2013, a Minecraft player named cheapsh0t helped Mojang Team on their Tokyo business tour.

To thank him, developers gave him a translator cape in his account. But, this translator cape is a lot more special than other translator capes. Cheapsh0t's cape has a Japanese flag printed behind it.

#4 - Cape for millionth buyer

Millionth customer cape (Image via Reddit)
Millionth customer cape (Image via Reddit)

Player akronman1 bought the 1,000,000th copy of Minecraft. Jeb, the lead designer of Minecraft, asked for Notch's permission to create a custom cape for the lucky millionth buyer.

After buying the game, akronman1 received a mail congratulating him with a custom cape. His cape has a purple-colored background with a golden star on top of it. This cape makes akronman1 one of the most valuable accounts.

#3 - MrMessiah's cape

MrMessiah's cape skin (Image via GameBanana)
MrMessiah's cape skin (Image via GameBanana)

Minecraft veteran players may have heard about MrMessiah. He is the creator of BetterLight mod. In older versions of Minecraft, game lighting wasn't as good as it is today. Mojang wanted to add this mod to Minecraft, to which MrMessiah agreed.

As a thanks, Mojang sent him a special cape. Even though MrMessiah's cape was announced way back in 2011, for some reason, he received the cape in 2015.

#2 - Turtle cape


Turtle cape is one of the many proofs of Mojang listening to its fans. A Minecraft player named billyK_ is famous for asking developers to add turtles in Minecraft. He used to call himself a "turtle lover" and suggested developers add turtles.

Mojang finally added turtle in the 1.13 update. Developers also added billyK_'s suggestion of adding turtle helmets. After the update, he was rewarded with a turtle cape.

#1 - Bacon cape


In the early days, Notch used to ask fans for suggestions. If something caught his eye, he would add it. One player, Miclee, suggested Notch add a humanoid version of pig.

Notch loved the idea and gifted Miclee with a bacon cape. Sadly, after this, many players started asking for personal capes. Due to this, the skin was taken away from Miclee's account. Bacon cape is one of the oldest known capes in Minecraft.

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