Top 5 scariest maps in Minecraft as of May 2021

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Image via Slider1337
Modified 02 May 2021
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Custom Minecraft maps are famous for their beautiful gameplay, immersive storytelling, and amazing visuals. Most of these maps already include mods or add-ons if needed.

Many gamers out there love playing horror games. If sudden creeper explosions and scary cave noises aren't enough to scare players, then some horror Minecraft Maps might.

This article shares some of the scariest maps in Minecraft. Stay prepared to face jumpscare and spooky noises.

Top 5 scariest maps in Minecraft

#5 - Over Freddy's 5

Over Freddy's 5 is a storytelling FNAF psychological horror map created by Cookie 25. A man is hit by some evil force leading to a series of neverending unfortunate events. In this Minecraft Horror Map, players will play as a child trying to escape a scary warehouse.

By playing this horror map, players will discover what lies in this eerie warehouse and how the child came here.

Download Over Freddy's 5 here

#4 - The Puppet

Image via HSSND_
Image via HSSND_

Like Over Freddy's 5, The Puppet is set in the FNAF universe. It is an interactive horror puzzle game involving jumpscares and terrifying puzzles. In this map, the player wakes up as an unknown character only to realize that a puppet is haunting them.

While playing this map, players will find the character's past and gain information about the mysterious puppet following them.

Download The Puppet here.

#3 - Glaskin Cave


Glaskin Cave is a terrifying horror map famous for its immersive gameplay and scary ambient sounds. On this map, players take the role of a detective called Paul Iskat, dispatched to investigate the disappearance of three explorers in Glaskin Cave.

Other than its story, players love the map for its beautiful yet scary ambient sounds. The creator, FLYINGNOODLES, has put a lot of effort into building this amazing horror map.

Download Glaskin Cave here.

#2 - Escape from the Hospital

Image via Slider1337
Image via Slider1337

Escape from the Hospital is one of the most downloaded Minecraft horror maps. The story revolves around a sick person who has arrived at a mysterious hospital while searching for a cure. After a series of incidents, the patient soon realizes that this is not an ordinary hospital and needs to escape.

Download Escape from the Hospital here.

#1 - Five Nights at Freddy's

Image via Reather
Image via Reather

This map is a remake of the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy's. Players can play it to have the same experience but in Minecraft. Players must be prepared to face sudden flash images and loud spooky noises. This map is not suggested for players with frail hearts.

Download Five Nights at Freddy's here.

Published 02 May 2021
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