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Top 5 secret Minecraft bases

The best secret bases in Minecraft (Image via Pinterest)
The best secret bases in Minecraft (Image via Pinterest)
Edward Hays
Modified 21 Feb 2021
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A secret base in Minecraft is a hidden base that cannot be detected by the unsuspecting eye, meaning that players can live in secret.

This type of base can be beneficial for living discretely away from other players, which can be particularly useful while playing on Minecraft survival servers or Minecraft faction servers.

Gamers should be aware that most of the best secret base designs in Minecraft typically require some sort of Redstone to function. Redstone allows players to use pistons, which are typically vital in building a good hidden base.

Note: This list is based only on the writer's opinion and is simply a guide for players.

The five best hidden base designs in Minecraft

#5 - Secret base under a pond

Players can use this type of base design whenever they discover or manually create a natural-looking body of water.


For this to work, all players need to do is place a sign on top of a hole filled with scaffolding or ladders. The sign will stop water from breaching into the base but will still allow players to climb down inside safely and easily.

#4 - Redstone ore hidden base

This next design is extremely cunning, and pretty much no one will suspect it, which is especially useful if used while playing on a Minecraft server.

The design utilizes the fact that Redstone ore can be used to transmit a Redstone signal when activated. In turn, this means that players can use a few blocks of stone to camouflage a piston door controlled by some nearby innocent-looking Redstone ore.

All in all, it's a pretty simple but highly effective and well-made hidden base that is easy for any player to make.

#3 - Secret painting wall base


Players might be aware that they can hide things with large paintings if a few signs are placed on the blocks behind them. It should be mentioned that both signs and paintings are pretty cheap items to craft.

Paintings can, of course, also be used to hide a passageway, which is how this specific base is hidden. The naked eye only sees a wall with a painting. However, players can still physically pass through the painting, allowing them to access and exit their hidden base.

#2 - Hidden snow base

Players can use this tremendous hidden base design whenever they find themselves inside a snowy biome, as that is the only real prerequisite in building this base.

To craft the hidden passage that leads into the base, scaffolding blocks need to be placed underneath a layer of inconspicuous snow. This provides players with a means of entry to the underground bunker base while remaining undetectable to anyone else.

#1 - Discreet campfire base


This final design is a bit more tricky in terms of Redstone engineering to create. However, the base is highly inconspicuous and will stun anyone who happens to come across it with its ingenuity.

The base operates on the appearance of an innocent campfire; however, internally, the Redstone system underneath is continuously monitoring. If, for some reason, the campfire's state is changed, the entrance to the base will automatically open, allowing players inside.

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Published 21 Feb 2021, 12:41 IST
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