Top 5 tips to avoid early deaths in Minecraft

PAIN - The Minecraft death screen (Image via Minecraft)
PAIN - The Minecraft death screen (Image via Minecraft)
Anmol David

Minecraft might seem like a calm and soothing adventure game at first glance. However, when players spawn into the vast landscapes of a Minecraft seed, they are almost immediately pitted against numerous threats. These threats might end in death and loss of all items if not dealt with quickly.

Avoiding death in Minecraft is tough, especially at harder difficulties. A player’s first few days in Minecraft can be incredibly daunting, with different mobs and other external factors trying to wipe the player out of existence. However, some early game practices can help the player avoid dying and losing all their progress.

How to avoid early deaths in Minecraft

5) Creepers

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Creepers are one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft. Players can prevent Creepers from spawning near them by lighting up the area around their base with torches.

Using a shield against a Creeper explosion will absorb the blast, dealing half a heart of damage at best. Using a sword can allow the player to attack the Creeper before it gets close enough to explode.

4) Digging straight down

Most video games have certain practices that are deemed foolish and almost illegal by the community. Digging straight down is Minecraft’s version of that practice, as the player has no idea what to expect one block below them. However, certain methods may protect the player while embarking on this venture.

Mining alternate blocks while digging down will allow the player to see what’s beneath and take their next step accordingly. Also, blocks or a water bucket can be useful in breaking falls if players were to end up digging into a cavern.

3) Iron Golem

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The Iron Golem is one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft. While mostly friendly, this mob can turn into an immensely dangerous enemy if players were to hit it or damage a villager near it.

The easiest way is to run to a nearby house and take shelter. Golems cannot hit a player behind a doorway, as they are much bigger than the 1x1 space in which the doorway is situated.

Other ways to survive an iron golem encounter include building up at least three blocks high or digging down three blocks deep.

2) Endermen

Endermen are neutral, three-block tall mobs that closely resemble the Slender man from popular folklore. There are a few ways to survive an Enderman encounter early in the game.

Endermen take damage from water. Therefore, placing water and standing in it during an encounter will temporarily render the player safe. The player can also wear a carved pumpkin which will make Endermen neutral around the player, though severely reducing the player's field of view.

Also, standing three blocks high will keep players safe from Endermen.

1) Fall damage

One of the most frustrating things for Minecraft players is dying to fall damage while getting chased by a hostile mob. The following items can help players avoid this fate.

Hay bales are an effective way to reduce fall damage in Minecraft. They can be easily crafted or be obtained via villagers. Most of the fall damage will be rendered invalid if a player lands on a hay bale. A water bucket, beds, slime blocks, cobwebs and powdered snow can be used in a similar way.

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