Top 5 uses for cows in Minecraft 

Cows in Minecraft (Image via YouTube)
Cows in Minecraft (Image via YouTube)
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Modified 01 Apr 2021
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Cows are one of the most common peaceful overworld mobs in Minecraft. These critters have been around since some of the first versions of the game.

Cows are cute and useful mobs for players in Minecraft. Many players only associate these kind creatures with food and leather, but cows have quite a few other uses in Minecraft.

Listed below are the five best uses for cows in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 best uses for cows in Minecraft

#1 - Leather


It's a well-known fact in Minecraft that cows often drop leather when they are killed. In fact, cows are possibly the best way for players to obtain leather in all of Minecraft.

When a cow is killed, it will drop anywhere from zero to two pieces of leather. When the player has a looting enchantment on their sword, the chance of getting leather from a cow increases, but generally not by much.

There are only a few other ways for players to get leather in Minecraft. This includes killing horses and rabbits, fishing, or being found in a naturally spawning chest. Leather has several uses in Minecraft, including books, armor, and saddles.

#2 - Food

Raw meat Minecraft statue (Image via planetminecraft)
Raw meat Minecraft statue (Image via planetminecraft)

Another major use for cows in Minecraft is to obtain food. Players can kill cows and expect to get both leather and raw beef. Raw beef can be eaten by players for a minimal increase in the player's hunger bar.


When players cook raw beef in the furnace, it will turn into cooked beef or steak. Cooked beef is much better food for players to consume; it increases the player's hunger bar by a few points.

This is a great food for players to take on long journeys and into caves, as it can replenish the player's food bar much quicker than other foods.

#3 - Milk

Just like in real life, cows in Minecraft can be milked. All a player needs is a bucket to milk a cow. The player should right-click the cow with the bucket, and they will obtain a bucket of milk. Unlike water, the player can drink milk straight from the bucket in Minecraft.

Milk is a great drink to have in Minecraft. What makes it so good is it can rid the player of any potion or magic effects.

If a player gets mining fatigue from a guardian, for example, drinking milk can cure them of the fatigue. If the player has any sort of potion effect, maybe from a witch or other player, drinking milk can help get rid of any lingering effects.

#4 - Breeding

Baby cow (Image via mineventures.blogspot)
Baby cow (Image via mineventures.blogspot)

Cows are a lot of fun to breed in Minecraft. Players can breed cows by feeding them wheat, similar to sheep.

To feed a cow wheat, the player must right-click the cow. Hearts should appear around the cow once it's been fed.

To breed a cow, the player must feed wheat to two adult cows near each other. The cows will then have a baby cow.

This is not only adorable, but it also gives the player small amounts of XP. Breeding cows can be a fun pastime and an easy way to grow a player's farm.

#5 - Farms

Cow on a farm (Image via planetminecraft)
Cow on a farm (Image via planetminecraft)

Last but not least, cows are a great addition to any Minecraft player's farm. Minecraft farms are nothing without the game's beloved farm animals, including pigs, chickens, sheep, and of course, cows.

Published 01 Apr 2021, 11:31 IST
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