Top 5 uses of donkeys in Minecraft

A donkey in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
A donkey in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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Anmol David

Minecraft has its share of animal mobs. While other mobs in the game might come from fantasy, like skeletons, zombies, creepers, and other terrifying creatures, most animal mobs in the game are passive while some are neutral. This article will talk about a variant of the horse mob, which is known as a donkey.

Donkeys are uncommon in Minecraft. Between the spawning of a donkey and a horse, there is a 90% of chance that a horse will spawn instead of the former. This makes them valuable assets in the game. 20% out of the small amount of donkeys that end up generating naturally tend to spawn as foals.

The natural generation of the mob works in a way that allows no more than three donkeys (1-3) can spawn inside a plains biome. Additionally, only one can spawn in the savanna biome, bringing down the mob's spawn rate and increasing its rarity by a lot. Players may also find donkeys in the newly introduced hilly biome known as the meadow.

5 ways that players can utilize donkeys in Minecraft

1) Mounted chests


The most efficient use of donkeys is that players can put an entire chest on the mob’s back. While every player is granted 27 inventory storage slots and nine hotbar slots, even that might not be enough for a long journey consisting of exploration or extensive mining.

However, by using a donkey, players can extend their storage space by a significant amount, as a chest propped up on a donkey provides 15 extra storage slots.

2) Ridable mounts


Donkeys, like horses, can be used as rideable mounts. Players will need to tame a donkey and place a saddle on it before it allows them to ride it. After this, players can control the donkey like they do a horse. Regular directional keys work the same way, including the jump key.

When a player is riding a donkey, their hunger bar gets replaced by the donkey’s health bar.

3) Donkeys can be led


Just like horses can be led using a piece of lead on them, so can donkeys. This allows players to take them wherever they want and keep them in one place without having to worry about them despawning if they want to explore a cave or if they want to take a temporary halt.

The fact that players can use leads on them also allows them to have multiple donkeys follow them in one go. This can be done with many mobs, but most can't carry an entire chest on their backs.

4) Health regeneration

A donkey getting punched (Image via Minecraft)
A donkey getting punched (Image via Minecraft)

Donkeys, unlike many other mobs in Minecraft, can regenerate their health. This bodes well for players looking for a quick getaway after enemy encounters like those with pillagers or large groups of hostile mobs.

Additionally, this virtually eliminates the risk of losing a donkey mount to an accident like falling into lava or fall damage from a great height.

5) Breed


Many mobs in Minecraft can be bred with each other to produce baby versions of them, who then grow and populate the land in the same way. Many players know that donkeys can be bred with horses to produce mules. This event can be considered rare as the spawn rate of donkeys is low in the first place.

However, if players manage to keep their donkeys alive, they can continue producing more and more mules, thereby balancing out the low spawn rate. Donkeys can be bred using golden apples or golden carrots in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

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