Top 5 ways to hide your base from friends in Minecraft

The best base designs to hide from friends in Minecraft (Image via Pinterest)
The best base designs to hide from friends in Minecraft (Image via Pinterest)
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Modified 15 Mar 2021
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Sometimes, Minecraft players will be blessed to play with well-mannered friends that are more than happy to share the loot. However, others can always betray and steal. This can be especially true when playing online with random people inside Minecraft survival servers.

Hidden bases can be a great way to hide items from others within Minecraft. They also allow players to get away from greedy friends and other players that might potentially cause trouble.

Listed below are some of the best bases that friends and other random players will almost never find.

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5 best ways to hide your base from friends in Minecraft

#5 - Hidden base behind a painting

This method of hiding a base from friends dates way back ever since paintings were implemented into the game over 10 years ago.

Needless to say, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and many OG Minecrafters probably won't fall for this one, so players must make sure only to use this around less experienced Minecrafters.

For this to work, a player must make a hole in the wall and place two signs in the wall behind, such that a painting can be placed over the hole. After this is done, players can effortlessly walk through the painting, as if it was never there in the first place.

#4 - Hidden base behind a tree

This next design is a redstone base in which players disguise their base using an innocent-looking tree.

Trees are extremely common within Minecraft, spawning throughout the map. No sane Minecraft player will go around checking trees for bases. If used correctly, the tree can be the perfect inconspicuous hiding spot.

This base design is typically very well hidden unless someone is farming wood and accidentally stumbles upon it, which is unlikely but can happen.

#3 - Hidden base inside lava and water

This method of hiding bases is perfect for underground bases due to the fact it requires lava to be placed on top of said base.

More specifically, this design works by placing signs underneath a pool of lava, such that the lava remains held in place, but is only one layer thin. This allows players to fall through the lava and not die.

In order to ensure minimal damage is taken upon entrance to the base after falling through the lava, players must also place water underneath the lava layer. This is to quickly get rid of the burning effect experienced from touching lava.

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#2 - Hidden base activated by a cauldron

For this nifty hidden Minecraft base design involving cauldrons, players must set up a redstone contraption behind their base, with the function that it opens up a piston door when the active state of a nearby cauldron is changed.

Although unlikely, there is a fair chance that players might interact with a random cauldron as it's a fairly unnatural block to find lying around. This will trigger the base to reveal itself, so players may find it best to also hide the cauldron in some way for added protection.

#1 - Hidden base revealed by tilled grass

Well, it really doesn't get much more hidden than this. This base is so well hidden that if a player finds it, it might just be safe to say they are using some kind of modified cheat client.

To access this base, players would need to randomly till a grass block nearby. The chances of this happening are almost negligible; hardly anyone carries a hoe on them in the first place.

To pull this design off, players must build a somewhat daunting redstone contraption. The door of the base must also be built in such a way as to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings. The side of a hill or mountain works perfectly for this specific design.

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Published 15 Mar 2021
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