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Top 5 weakest mobs in Minecraft

 Chickens wandering in a field in Minecraft (Image via
Chickens wandering in a field in Minecraft (Image via
Modified 16 Feb 2021
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There are different mobs that can be found in Minecraft, but some of them are so weak that they do not pose any real threat to players.

The mobs of Minecraft are plentiful and diverse; the game boasts of having everything from fearsome boss mobs to adorable little passive creatures.

Some mobs, such as the Wither or Ender Dragon, are very strong and have killed countless Minecraft players who have faced them in battle.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are a number of mobs that are so weak that players could practically breathe on them to defeat them.

This article showcases five of the weakest mobs that can be found in Minecraft, including chickens, small slimes, snow golems, and more

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the article's writer

Top 5 weakest mobs in Minecraft

#5 - Chickens


Chickens are one of the oldest mobs in all of Minecraft. They have been a reliable source of eggs, food and feathers for a number of years. Unfortunately for them, they only have two hearts worth of health.

A few quick punches or strikes from a player will quickly cause a chicken to fall to defeat. These mobs also provide an assortment of useful items, making them a prime target to be farmed.

#4 - Salmon, Cod, & Tropical Fish


Salmon, cod and tropical fish can be found in different bodies of water in the world of Minecraft. Each of these mobs only have a total of three health points, which makes them easy to take down and turn into a tasty meal.

On top of their small health pool, fish can also only survive in water. Any fish that ends up on land will eventually begin to suffocate and die.

#3 - Rabbits

Rabbits are fluffy and long-eared mobs that can be found hopping around in the world of Minecraft. These mobs only have a heart-and-a-half worth of health and can be easily taken down by practically any entity that wishes to do harm.

These mobs are also passive and will not retaliate back against Minecraft players. Instead, they will run away in fear, which only prolongs their inevitable demise.

#2 - Snow Golems


This selection may surprise a lot of Minecraft players, but the snow golem is one of the weakest mobs in the game. Despite their larger size, snow golems only have two hearts worth of health.

Minecraft players can easily dismantle these mobs if they want to. However, snow golems will never intentionally attack a player and, at worst, will only cause players to be knocked back by a stray snowball.

Snow golems throw snowballs at hostile mobs when provoked, which only deal damage to blazes and wolves.

On top of their limited offensive capability, snow golems are incredibly weak defensively as well. Any snow golem that is exposed to heat in a hot temperature biome, such as badlands or deserts, will melt and die. These mobs will also perish due to melting if they make contact with water or rain.

Snow golems have an assortment of different vulnerabilities, making them one of the weakest mobs in all of Minecraft

#1 - Small Slimes

Slimes can be found in three different sizes, but the smallest of their variations are incredibly easy to defeat.


Small slimes only have half a heart's worth of health, which means that players can defeat them with essentially any type of attack. For reference, a single punch is all it will take to kill a small slime.

Killing slime mobs is one of the only ways to reliably get slimeballs in Minecraft. Luckily, players should face limited difficulty in killing the smallest version of these mobs.

Published 16 Feb 2021, 04:56 IST
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