Top 5 wither skeleton farms in Minecraft

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
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Wither skeleton farms are a great way to obtain wither skulls that are needed to summon the wither, one of the most difficult boss mobs in Minecraft.

Wither skulls are typically difficult to come by in Minecraft due to their rarity. It is not likely for wither skeletons to drop skulls when killed. There is only a 2.5% chance that any given wither skeleton will drop their head.

Farming wither skeletons has been the Minecraft community’s solution to obtaining these rare items. Wither skeleton farms can also provide plenty of coal and bones.

There are a few ways to go about this build, so here are some of the best wither skeleton farming methods out there.

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Best Minecraft wither skeleton farms

5) WadZee’s Farm


Popular Minecraft YouTuber WadZee built a complicated yet effective wither skeleton farm, incredibly, while playing in hardcore mode.

First, WadZee found a fortress with a huge, open lava pool below it. A fortress like this would be the ideal location for this version of the wither skeleton farm.

Next, WadZee covered the surrounding area with a wild amount of slab to prevent other mobs from spawning around the farm. This notably took an insanely long time. It might be time consuming, but this is the best method to ensure safety around the wither skeleton farm.

Materials gathered for this build were cobblestone slabs, wither roses, carpet, nether brick blocks, a named piglin, trap doors, glass, a button, stone walls, chests, hoppers, minecarts, sticky pistons, two pet wolves, rails and levers.

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4) LogicalGeekBoy’s portal farm


LogicalGeekBoy on YouTube created a wither skeleton farm that can exist in the overworld using nether portals.

This farm is multilayered and highly detailed. Wither skeletons will be doing a lot of traveling with this farm, but when done correctly, this build is both impressive and effective.

LogicalGeekBoy’s portal farm involves spawning skeletons in the nether, transporting them to the overworld and leading them through a long tube filled with water. This is a complicated farm to build, and perhaps the most difficult aspect is ensuring that the nether portals connect properly between the nether and the overworld.

Various materials used for this wither skeleton farm include glass blocks, shroomlights, tamed wolves, named piglins, wither roses, nether brick blocks, buttons, obsidian, slabs, gold blocks, trap doors, walls, grass blocks, torches, water sources, signs, boats and chickens.

3) Deathdealer’s farm


Deathdealer on YouTube has a large wither skeleton farm that involves lots of redstone. Those Minecraft players who are talented with redstone might find this wither skeleton farm to be intriguing.

This creator first found a nether fortress located in a soul sand valley for the farm to be located. This was done to limit the amount of mobs that could possibly spawn within the nearby vicinity, since soul sand biomes have limited mobs within them.

The wither skeleton farm consists of a multilayered spawning area with three platforms full of wither roses. Then, there is a separate AFK collection area. Additionally, Deathdealer’s wither skeleton farm also connects to the overworld.

Items used in this build include netherrack, wither roses, glass, walls, trap doors, named piglins, iron golems, obsidian, signs, honey blocks, kelp, hoppers, droppers, rails, minecarts, carpet, sticky pistons, observers, comparators and other blocks that can be seen in the video tutorial.

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2) Phi1LzA’s farm


Popular Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch Streamer Ph1LzA built an incredibly effective wither skeleton farm. Impressively, Ph1LzA also built this farm during his famed series in which he played in hard core mode.

This build was accomplished using leaves, glass blocks, glowstone, trap doors, a button, netherrack, and nether brick blocks and nether brick walls, wither roses, and a named piglin. Notably, this farm was built outside of a nether fortress despite the structure being the main place where wither skeletons spawn.

As soon as PhiLzA completed this farm, tons of wither skeletons spawned almost immediately. Within minutes, he had already obtained 3 wither skulls.

It is clear that Ph1LzA is wildly talented at Minecraft, so following his build will surely prove fruitful for fellow Minecraft players.

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1) LogicalGeekBoy’s no wither rose farm


LogicalGeekBoy also created a simpler, amazing wither skeleton farm without using wither roses or redstone blocks. This is perhaps the simplest wither skeleton farm for gamers to build.

This wither skeleton farm was built within a fortress, allowing for wither skeleton spawning to happen naturally. LogicalGeekBoy created a wide platform with slabs, carpet, trap doors, turtle eggs and a named piglin, that, in turn, allowed for mostly wither skeletons to spawn in the vicinity.

Materials used for this wither skeleton farm include nether brick blocks, carpets, slabs, walls, glass blocks, trapdoors, cacti, sand, hoppers, turtle eggs and chests.

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