Super Mario in Minecraft with Twitter user's mod

Mario in Minecraft (Image via pdxdylan on Twitter)
Mario in Minecraft (Image via pdxdylan on Twitter)

Since its launch over a decade ago, players have created thousands of mods for Minecraft. Using mods, players can do virtually anything in the famous sandbox video game. Some mods improve the game by adding minor useful features like Voice Chat Mod, whereas some can change the game entirely by adding new biomes, mobs, items, and so much more.

Incidentally, it is quite common for Minecraft modders to add other popular franchises to their favorite block game. There are mods for Pokemon, monsters from horror movies, and so on.

Dylan, a game developer, went to Twitter to showcase his exciting new Minecraft mod. His mod is able to run the Super Mario 64 Engine and features none other than Mario, the most famous plumber of all time.

Twitter user is creating a mod to add Super Mario to Minecraft

Yesterday, Dylan posted gameplay of his new Minecraft mod capable of running the famed Super Mario 64 Engine. While sharing this post, he definitely had no idea that it would blow up online, garnering thousands of retweets and likes in a matter of hours.

Dylan's Twitter post features gameplay in the regular Minecraft world, but instead of the standard player models like Steve or Alex, the player is using a model of the iconic plumber. The mod clearly seems to have replaced the usual character model with Mario's model from Super Mario 64.

However, the similarities do not stop there. Dylan was also able to add idle animations, movement style, speed, jumping style, and much more. In the viral clip, viewers can see the Mario character model making his iconic Super Mario jump, swim, and explore the Overworld of Minecraft.

In Dylan's tweeted video, Mario visits the Nether realm to do something impossible in vanilla Minecraft. Just like in Super Mario 64, Mario jumped, grabbed iron bars, and traveled from one side to the other. The funniest scene in this clip would definitely have to be Mario jumping and punching the infamous Ender Dragon.

After watching the entire amazing clip, many Mario fans started asking Dylan when the mod would be released officially, as he did mention that it was still in development. Sadly, this mod may never be released publicly.

Nintendo is infamous for sending DMCA notices when anyone uses their content without permission. Due to this, it is very likely that the mod's creator may not release it even after its completion. Despite this, Dylan has said that he will continue to work on this project. Many Twitter users also shared their suggestions and gave criticism.

Fans who wish to view more of Mario in Minecraft content can expect more clips from Dylan in the foreseeable future. As the mod is still a work-in-progress, players may see a lot of improvements and fixes coming soon. Hopefully, this mod may become available to the entire community one day.

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