What does a beehive do in Minecraft?

Way of the bee by Razzelberries (Image via Mojang)
Way of the bee by Razzelberries (Image via Mojang)
Modified 04 May 2021

Beehives were added to Minecraft with the Buzzy Bees update. Bee nests are natural spawning hives that generate in biomes that commonly contain flowers. Players can make a beehive using three pieces of honeycomb and six wooden planks of any kind.

The beehive in Minecraft is equivalent to a man-made bee's nest. They house up to three bees and can be used to harvest honey or honeycomb. Having a beehive near farmland can help the crops grow faster.

This article sheds light on the beehive in Minecraft.

Beehives in Minecraft

Beehive recipe (Image via Mojang)
Beehive recipe (Image via Mojang)

Beehives work similarly to bee nests in Minecraft. They provide shelter for up to three bees. One beehive will collect pollen from three bees until it is full. Once it begins to drip honey and appears as though honey is oozing from the hive, players can harvest from it.

Hostile bees

Harvesting either honeycomb or honey can turn the bees in and around the hive hostile. Once a Minecraft bee has stung the player, it has moments left before despawning.

A bee sting will also poison players. This can be prevented by placing a campfire underneath it. The smoke from the fire will pacify the bees and make the hive safe to harvest.

Collecting honey

Honey can be collected by using an empty bottle. The bottle of honey can either be consumed or used to craft honey blocks and sugar.

Honeycombs are harvested using sheers. Harvesting with sheers will cause three honeycomb pieces to drop. And the honeycombs that are harvested can be used to craft more hives and honeycomb blocks.

Honeycomb will have new uses in the Caves and Cliffs update. Minecraft 1.17 will include candles made from honeycomb and string. Also, copper can be waxed with honeycomb to keep its appearance.

Having a beehive nearby crops can help them grow faster than normal. This is because the bees that are holding pollen must cross the farmland to get to the hive. As the bee travels, the pollen drips off of its body. Pollen that drops onto a crop will function similarly to bone meal and progress the crop's growth by one stage.

Published 04 May 2021
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