What were the original Minecraft mobs?

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki
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Minecraft has no doubt come a long way since its initial release a decade ago. It is truly amazing how far the game has come in terms of new additions with every update.

Mobs are especially one of the signature aspects of Minecraft. They are the creatures that make the game the fantastical creation that it is.

Today, there are roughly over 70 mobs in the entire game. But originally, there were only seven classic Minecraft mobs. Let’s take a look at what those original Minecraft mobs were.

The original mobs in Minecraft


1) Pigs

Image via Minecraft Forum
Image via Minecraft Forum

Pigs are one of the only classic farm animals in Minecraft. They are also one of the only original passive mobs in the game.

Originally, pigs dropped mushrooms instead of meat. When pork was introduced to Minecraft, there was once a chance that pigs could drop no food at all.

Pigs have, of course, stuck around after all this time, and now there are even variants of pig mobs that can be found in the Nether.

2) Sheep

Image via Boss of Minecraft
Image via Boss of Minecraft

The only other passive farm animal mob in the early stages of Minecraft was the sheep.

In the earliest versions of Minecraft, sheep did not even drop any food when killed. Sheep only existed as a source of wool.

Now, Minecraft sheep can come in a wide variety of colors. Originally, only white sheep roamed the generated worlds.

3) Zombies

Image via Planet Minecraft
Image via Planet Minecraft

Minecraft has, of course, never had a shortage of hostile mobs - one of the original hostile mobs being zombies.

The design of the original zombies has hardly changed over the years. Zombies have always somewhat resembled a zombified Steve skin.

Zombies as a whole, however, have come a long way and now have tons of in-game variants, including husks and drowned.

4) Skeletons

Image via DeviantArt
Image via DeviantArt

Yet another classic hostile Minecraft mob is the skeleton. These are one of the more unique original Minecraft creatures, as most of the classic mobs were based on actual animals or pre-existing monsters. Skeletons have always been considered a spooky sight before the creation of the game, but Minecraft gave them sentient in-game existences.

Skeletons have also not changed much visually since classic Minecraft, save for some slight texture differences. Now, there are many skeleton variants, including strays and wither skeletons.

5) Spiders

Image via FavPNG
Image via FavPNG

Spiders have always been pests in Minecraft, being yet another one of the original hostile mobs. Interestingly, spiders have gone through quite the makeover since the mob’s initial debut.

The original Minecraft spiders were mostly brown in color rather than black. Even their scary red eyes were not introduced until later versions of the game. Classic Minecraft spiders definitely looked more authentic to real-life spiders, but they were likely redesigned to look more intimidating.

Today, there are now two spider mobs in Minecraft, the other one being the cave spider.

6) Creepers

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

It can almost go without saying that creepers are the most iconic and identifiable Minecraft mob there is. These explosive mobs have been in the game since the beginning and have an interesting history behind them.

Diehard Minecraft fans likely know that the creation of the creeper mob was the result of a coding mistake. Mentioned earlier, pigs were one of the only animal mobs in the original version of the game. In attempting to code a pig properly, the Minecraft game developers accidentally ended up with an oddly shaped entity. This went on to become the model of the creeper, and thus, the unique green creature was born.

7) Humans

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Some Minecraft players may not know about the final original Minecraft mob: the human. This is the only original Minecraft mob that has since been removed from the game.

Humans were essentially mobs that looked like Minecraft Steve. They moved around the world with ridiculous motions, hopping and skipping and twisting all around. Weirdly enough, human mobs were even hostile and could attack players.

Human mobs did not last very long in Minecraft and were removed early on in the game's development. However, the existence of these mobs helps perpetuate the myth of Herobrine given the similar appearances. Perhaps Herobrine is a human mob that refuses to be coded out of the game.

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