What is the smallest mob in Minecraft?

The smallest mobs might not be the most powerful, but they're certainly the most overlooked (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
The smallest mobs might not be the most powerful, but they're certainly the most overlooked (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
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Minecraft holds several creatures called "mobs" that roam around the overworld, populate the seas, and terrorize the night. Some of these mobs are revered for being fearsome creatures that players dread coming across, while others are beloved for being squat and cute.

Most of the mobs crawling around the overworld are about the same height as the player character, 1.8 blocks. Creatures such as zombies, skeletons, creepers, villagers, pillagers, husks, and drowned are all about eye levels with the player character's stature.

Mobs that are notably bigger than players have become widely beloved and iconic to Minecraft. These behemoth mobs are often bosses or hostile critters, such as the endermen, elder guardians, wither skeletons, slimes, and the Ender Dragon.

The mobs on the smaller side get easily overlooked, as they're often passive or neutral mobs that won't interact with or harm the player otherwise. Mobs such as chickens, bats, tropical fish, bees, and vexes are significantly shorter than the player character's height of 1.8 blocks.

These are the smallest mobs in Minecraft

5) Baby Chicken


Baby Chicken is one of the oldest baby mobs in the game. The adult chicken was one of the first mobs ever to be added to the game, subsequently making it the first "small" mob to be implemented into Minecraft.

The baby versions of the chicken mob stand smaller than their adult counterparts ever did. The baby chicken mob stands at a squat stature of .35 blocks.

The mob's small size makes it relatively hard to keep under control, especially in a farm setting, but with some seeds and fences, players will be well on their way to including baby chickens as a part of their farmlands.

4) Pufferfish


The pufferfish is an aquatic critter implemented into the game alongside various underwater mobs, including salmon and tropical fish mobs. These mobs stand at the same height as a baby chicken โ€” .35 blocks when inflated.

When pufferfish mobs aren't inflated, they're even smaller than .35 blocks. These lethal, poisonous aquatic mobs are ones that players will want to keep their eyes peeled for as they swim through the ocean's colorful coral reefs.

3) Silverfish


Silverfish are a classic example of a small mob from earlier versions of Minecraft. While not as retro as the chicken mobs, these annoying, silver bugs have been in the game since there was an Ender Dragon in Minecraft 0.9.

Silverfish mobs stand at a small stature of .30 blocks. This height makes them incredibly hard to hit, especially in hordes.

2) Endermites


Endermites are a rather recent addition to the game, being implemented during the release of Minecraft 1.0. These mysterious purple bugs are often compared to silverfish, as the two utilize the same method of movement and share some of the same audio files.

They even stand at the same short stature, with both mobs standing at a measly .30 blocks high.

1) Baby Turtles


The smallest mob in the entire game, so far, is the baby turtle. Adult turtles grow up to be anything but small, but after they're freshly hatched, these baby turtles stand at an adorable .12 blocks high.

Their tiny size makes them quite the spectacle in-game and hard to keep alive and in enclosures. There are a plethora of mobs that will attack baby turtles on sight, so it's important to keep these tiny mobs behind closed doors and barricades.

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