What are the uses of phantom membrane in Minecraft 1.18 update?

Phantom membranes in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Phantom membranes in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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Among Minecraft’s many mobs, the ones categorized under the “undead” mobs category are the scariest of all. Whether zombies or husks with their growls and snarls or skeletons with their creaks, cracks, and bows, the undead mobs are a thorn in the foot of any Minecraft player.

However, one undead mob is scarier than any other and only appears after specific criteria are fulfilled. This mob is the phantom.

Phantoms are terrifying mobs that can fly and only appear when a player has not slept or died for three or more in-game days, which is one hour of real-time.


Phantoms are always hostile and swoop in to attack the player. When a phantom is killed, it drops a phantom membrane, a skin-like substance similar to leather.

This article will talk about the uses of phantom membranes.

Minecraft: How to use phantom membranes

Phantom membranes have two uses in the game. Both are listed below:

1) Repairing the Elytra

The Elytra is one of the most elusive and valuable items in Minecraft. It is the name given to a pair of wings that serves as the only legitimate method of flying for players.

Elytras are found in the depths of the End dimension, on end ships located on the dimension's outer islands.


During a player's usage of the elytra, it keeps losing durability points. Since it is really difficult to find a replacement for elytras in the game's survival mode, it is far better to try and repair the elytra.

This can be done using the above-mentioned phantom membrane. If used with elytra inside an anvil, a phantom membrane can restore 25% of its durability. Membranes can stack until the elytra's durability is full.

2) Brewing

Phantom membranes are used as a brewing ingredient to make a specific potion, known as a slow-falling potion. To do this, the player has to first brew an awkward potion, and then they can pair it with a phantom membrane to brew a slow-falling potion.

This adds a great deal of value to the phantom membrane, as the potion of slow falling is quite an effective potion to have and use in the game.


When a player consumes a slow falling potion, it causes the player to fall slowly. This results in no fall damage and can be quite beneficial when trying to escape a pursuer or take a shortcut down a cliff.

Using a phantom membrane, players can make a potion of slow falling that last for a minute and 30 seconds. However, if players were to add redstone to the mix, that duration goes up from 1:30 to four minutes of no fall damage (except when using ender pearls).

Another slightly unorthodox way to obtain a phantom membrane is a gift from a tamed cat. When cats are tamed, they have a chance of about 70% to bring their owners gifts. There is a minimal chance (3.22%) for that gift to be a phantom membrane.

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