What are world types in Minecraft?

An amplified world type in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
An amplified world type in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Minecraft possesses nearly endless possibilities when it generates worlds. However, players can fine-tune what they'd like their world to look like to a certain degree.

One way to do so, aside from using world seeds, is to select the world's type. Depending on its type, a world can exhibit certain features.


These features differ slightly between the game's Java and Bedrock Editions. However, there is also a level of consistency between the versions, depending on the world type selected.

Regardless, it never hurts to take a closer look at the game's world types since the world generation screen doesn't describe the different types particularly well.

There are currently 8 world types between both primary versions of Minecraft

A superflat world type (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
A superflat world type (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Overall, there are eight world types between both primary versions of Minecraft. However, these types are not divided evenly. Many are exclusive to Java Edition, while one Bedrock exclusive is no longer accessible without third-party software.

Each of these world types is quite distinct from its counterparts, so it's not a bad idea to keep in mind what each world type entails. This is especially true if players are using a world seed, as the world type can drastically change the makeup of the seed itself.

World types in both versions of Minecraft

  • Default/Infinite - The standard generation rules for a world. Biomes are generated along with structures in their defined locations.
  • Superflat/Flat - Generates a world that is completely flat. The lowest layer of the world is set at Y=-64. By default, the terrain generates with one layer of bedrock blocks, two layers of dirt, and one layer of grass blocks. Mobs spawn normally, though slimes are seen more often. Java Edition superflat worlds also generate villages and can be customized by players during world creation.

Java Edition Exclusives

  • Amplified - Generates terrain with exceptionally high elevations, creating mountains and valleys that are even larger than those generated in the default/infinite world type. Many of these mountains even reach the established height limit of a world.
  • Large Biomes - Generates a standard world with biomes that are four times larger on average on the XZ axis. Generated structures within these biomes are more plentiful than their standard counterparts.
  • Single Biome - Generates the entire Overworld in one biome.
  • Debug Mode - Only obtained by holding the alt key while cycling through world types in world creation. This world contains every block state in the game laid out in a grid. Players cannot create or destroy blocks.
  • Custom - A completely customizable world type that is accessed through a .JSON file, where players can set all their parameters before loading them in world creation.

Bedrock Edition Exclusives

  • Old - This world type is no longer accessible without third-party software or rolling back the version of Minecraft being played. These worlds are set at 256x256 blocks in size, surrounded by an invisible layer of bedrock blocks.

At the moment, these are all available world types between both major editions of the game, but Mojang may release more in the future. Some older world types can even make a comeback in future updates, which may be something worth looking forward to.

Fortunately, the world types available right now will ensure that players won't get bored easily.

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