When can players expect allay to be added to Minecraft

The Allay is the winner of the 2021 Live Vote and is arriving soon (Image via Minecraft)
The Allay is the winner of the 2021 Live Vote and is arriving soon (Image via Minecraft)
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The Minecraft Live 2021 Vote was held over a month before the 1.18 update was released. The Allay won fairly easily, but was not added alongside the second half of the Caves & Cliffs update. It's coming eventually, unlike the Copper Golem and the the Glare. When might Minecraft players be able to expect it to arrive?

When will the Allay officially make its way to Minecraft?

Ever since the Mob Vote was concluded, Minecraft players have been speculating on when the Allay would be arriving. Even with an update scheduled for later in the year, it was too soon to expect the 1.18 update to introduce it.

The Mob Vote is open! It's time pick your favorite: Glare, Allay or Copper Golem!Vote now!

The Allay, according to Mojang, will take items that the player gives them and go off in search of the same item or something similar. This is very useful for crafting recipes that need a lot of one item (like a conduit, for example).

Are you fond of collecting? Maybe you’re also in touch with your musical side? Would you take Tiny Jens’s last cookie? Will the Allay get your vote at #MinecraftLive on Oct 16?Learn more about this flying finder of things:↣

The Allay has officially been scheduled for Minecraft 1.19. The Wild Update is set to feature fireflies, frogs, a new Mangrove Swamp biome, a new cave biome (the Deep Dark), the Warden (who will inhabit said biome) and the Allay, one of the most popular additions.

The Wild update will introduce the Allay (Image via Minecraft)
The Wild update will introduce the Allay (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft 1.19 is officially scheduled to arrive sometime in 2022. Given the recency of 1.18, the next update is not likely to come in the first half of the year. Minecraft never rushes anything and they certainly don't want to rush past the current update that was just released.

However, that doesn't mean players can't try out the Allay before then. Java Edition makes it very easy for players to add things like that. Through the use of mods, snapshots and others, the Allay can be added to Minecraft right now if players want.

While Bedrock Edition does have access to a few of these features, it's much more difficult to access them than it is for Java players. Official snapshots and beta versions are probably not going to be released for a while, so Bedrock Edition players will have to wait for the Allay to arrive.

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