Which ice block is the most slippery in Minecraft?

A player's hand-made ice cavern showcasing forms of packed and blue ice (Image via Mojang)
A player's hand-made ice cavern showcasing forms of packed and blue ice (Image via Mojang)

A lot of fun can be had with ice in Minecraft, from building frigid structures to sliding along the ice's surface and slipping about, but which form of ice is best for slipping and sliding?

There are three primary forms of ice blocks in Minecraft, and oddly enough each of them have varying slipping speeds. This means Minecraft players who are looking for a faster or slower slip along ice can fine-tune their experience by picking specific ice blocks. At the moment, the three ice block types available in the game are ice, blue ice, and packed ice. Blue ice blocks have the most slippage of the three.

Where to find blue ice blocks in Minecraft

The three major types of ice blocks (Image via Mojang)
The three major types of ice blocks (Image via Mojang)

Blue ice can be a little more difficult to track down in Minecraft, as it requires finding either icebergs or large arches in frozen ocean biomes. These are somewhat less common than standard cold-weather biomes, but they do exist within most standard Minecraft worlds. Icebergs are also part of frozen ocean biomes, so finding these locations is a great place to start.

Once players find the large arches or glaciers, they'll also need a tool enchanted with the Silk Touch enchantment, otherwise any blue ice blocks that are broken will simply shatter like glass blocks do.

By using Silk Touch, the blue ice blocks will drop themselves in a similar fashion to most building blocks in Minecraft, allowing players to collect the ice and place it elsewhere. Fortunately, being around light sources does not melt blue ice blocks in the way that it does its counterparts, so placing them is much more open-ended. Objects and decorations can even be placed on top of blue ice blocks since they qualify as solid blocks.

Blue ice can be used for a lot of fun implementations in Minecraft, including ice roads that allow for quick travel when players don't want to implement a minecart system. The blocks are also quite hardy by comparison to other ice blocks, so using them as a legitimate building block to create ice structures is also quite entertaining. Normal and packed ice blocks tend to break easier and have a propensity to melt, but blue ice's super-cold temperature allows the blocks to stay strong in many environments.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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