Which mobs can spawn in a Minecraft nether fortress?

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The nether fortress can be a terrifying place, especially for Minecraft players who are unfamiliar with the structure. Visiting a nether fortress is necessary in order to beat Minecraft. They can be difficult to locate and confusing to navigate through.

While exploring a nether fortress, Minecraft players should keep in mind mobs they might encounter. This article will explain essential information about mob spawning rules within nether fortresses.

Minecraft mobs that can and cannot spawn in a nether fortress


Nether fortress mobs

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Mobs that can naturally generate within a nether fortress are blaze, wither skeletons, regular skeletons, magma cubes and zombified piglins. However, blaze and wither skeletons are the only mobs that are guaranteed to be found within any given nether fortress.

Guaranteed mobs in a nether fortress

Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft

Blaze, of course, spawn in the structure due to the blaze spawners scattered throughout. Blaze are the main reason why players enter a nether fortress as they drop blaze rods which are essential for crafting ender eyes and other useful items.

Wither skeletons cannot be found anywhere other than a nether fortress. While terrifying, these mobs are great sources of coal and bones when farmed.


Regular skeletons, magma cubes and zombified piglins will typically only spawn in nether fortresses depending on which biome the structure is in. For example, if it is partly in a basalt biome, the chances of magma cubes naturally generating will be more likely.

Mobs that will not spawn in the nether fortress are ghasts and endermen. Regardless of biome, it is impossible for either of these mobs to generate within the structure.

Piglins and piglin brutes are unique to the other nether structure, the bastion remnant. Findig a regular piglin within the general vicinity of a nether fortress is rare, and it is impossible to find a piglin brute within one.

That, of course, leaves striders. Striders can be found underneath a nether fortress if the structure is above lava, but otherwise, striders do not generate anywhere other than the large lava pools on the nether floor.

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