Will the Tuff Golem be added to Minecraft in the future?

The Tuff Golem was defeated by the Sniffer in Minecraft Live
The Tuff Golem was defeated by the Sniffer in Minecraft Live's Mob Vote this year (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft's Mob Vote for 2022 has concluded, and its winner has been announced. During Minecraft Live 2022, Mojang announced that the victor is the prehistoric mob, Sniffer.

While fans of the flora-loving mob were likely delighted, those who voted for the Rascal and Tuff Golem likely had to deal with some disappointment. However, it's important to note that Mojang very scarcely throws away ideas during its development cycle. Does this mean that mobs like the Rascal and Tuff Golem will re-appear in Minecraft at a later date?


The answer is somewhat complicated, as both contenders who didn't win the Mob Vote haven't been cast into the trash pile. While there's no guarantee that they will reappear anytime soon, the fact that these entities aren't gone for good should be a hopeful sign.

What will happen to Minecraft's Tuff Golem?

The Tuff Golem carries an Ender Peal and displays it (Image via Mojang)
The Tuff Golem carries an Ender Peal and displays it (Image via Mojang)

What is known about Mojang's development process is quite slim, but various developers have shared information when the time seems right.

Shortly before Minecraft's Mob Vote went live, Mojang developer @_Ulraf_ promised players that mob contestants who wouldn't win the vote would remain in-mind for future content updates through the use of Mojang's IdeasLibrary.

The information about IdeasLibrary that is public is somewhat nebulous, but it appears to be a resource repository that Mojang draws from when coming up with features for Minecraft updates. If Ulraf's tweet is to be believed, then the Tuff Golem and Rascal are far from gone and forgotten. They may very well appear in future content releases in some form or fashion.

It's important to note that although the Tuff Golem in particular may return, it may not be in the same capacity that players have come to know. The creature may be met with reworks or revisions to better suit the theme of an update's presentation. If the Tuff Golem does appear in a future release, it may be quite different in appearance or behavior.


It's important to note that any information on the Tuff Golem's return is tentative. Though it may now be deposited in the IdeasLibrary, there's no guarantee that the mob will re-appear in short order. It could be months or years before Mojang reintroduces it, if at all.

While this may seem disheartening to some players, the chances of the Tuff Golem appearing at least aren't zero. Furthermore, many developers are more willing to completely scrap unused features and additions, and it appears on face value that Mojang has no inclination to drop the ideas they spent time and effort forming.


Though Minecraft players may not see the Tuff Golem again soon, the creature may just make a return if Mojang wills it. Furthermore, the community itself certainly has a certain amount of sway, and surely fans who love the little golem mob will be requesting its inclusion for future releases.

There's also the modding community to consider, who may add the mob through third-party methods and include all three Mob Vote creatures into the game.

For the time being, fans will be getting to know the Sniffer quite well in an upcoming release in 2023. However, they shouldn't count the Tuff Golem out as it might just surprise Minecraft players when they're not expecting it.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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