"You look cute with glasses": GeorgeNotFound's "glasses" become a rage online, as fans celebrate #GeorgeNotFoundWithGlasses Day

GeorgeNotFound's glasses have received praise from streamers such as JustAMinx
Modified 04 May 2021

Popular Minecraft star GeorgeNotFound recently met up with fellow streamer Wilbur Soot for a memorable IRL vlog, in which the former's glasses ended up becoming the talk of the Twitter town.

The 24-year old British YouTuber's recent meet-up with Wilbur Soot went viral all over the internet, as the popular duo released a memorable piece of vlog-based content, replete with casual, touristy vibes.

From cycling to walking by the beach, the duo's spontaneous energy was on full display as they stopped to interact with fans and pose for amusing photoshoots along the way.

If the prospect of witnessing their two favorite streamers was not overwhelming enough, fans had yet another takeaway from the vlog to gush over, that being GeorgeNotFound's glasses.

So much so that apart from fans, streamers such as JustaMinx were also smitten by his trendy new look:

In light of his new look, inciting a lot of buzz online, Twitter was soon raining with a slew of reactions, most of which celebrated the memorable #GeorgeNotFoundWithGlasses Day.

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JustAMinx joins fans in praising GeorgeNotFound's "glasses look"

Of late, the Minecraft boys have been dominating the Twitter trending page with their IRL meet-ups.

From Tubbo and TommyInnit to Karl Jacobs and Sapnap, there has certainly been no dearth in terms of quality content over the past few months.

With her recent comments, JustAminx seemed to aptly echo the thoughts of several fans, who went head over heels for GeorgeNotFound's glasses look.

The popular streamer duo are also known for their interactions and streams, having also gone on a memorable Minecraft date a couple of months back, in addition to appearing on Love or Host.

Here are some of the reactions online, as fans responded to JustAMinx's compliment and GeorgeNotFound's new glasses look in general:

Be it via streams or IRL meet-ups, the poster boys of Minecraft continue to provide fans with wholesome content on a regular basis

From giving off major Harry Potter vibes to inspiring a whole new fan-art trend online, it looks like GeorgeNotFound's glasses have become a real show-stopper for fans across the globe.

Published 04 May 2021
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