5 times Jake Paul and Logan Paul were heckled by fans

Jake Paul and Logan Paul have grabbed a lot of attention of late.
Jake Paul and Logan Paul have grabbed a lot of attention of late.
Aranya Chaudhury

Logan and Jake Paul have been a phenomenon in the combat sports world. The brothers have firmly placed themselves in mainstream discussions with their celebrity boxing matches and frequent callouts. Names including Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson have been linked with the Paul brothers.

Since Logan and Jake's professional boxing debuts, many retired and active athletes have expressed their desire to fight them. For most, a bout with the Paul brothers offers them a chance at a big payday, one that would not have been possible in an MMA promotion.

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley made the biggest payday of his career in a boxing match with Jake Paul earlier this year.

Salaries: Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul earn millions, career-high purse for former UFC champ…

The Paul brothers have many supporters, as evidenced by their massive fanbases on social media channels. However, they also have a lot of detractors.

Some fans have been unhappy with how Jake and Logan Paul have entered mainstream combat sports discussions. In this article, we look at five instances the Paul brothers were called out by fans.

#5. Logan Paul got called out at Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley weigh-ins

At the weigh-ins for Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley, Logan Paul was called out by a member of the audience.

While Logan was in discussion with Ariel Helwani, a man wearing a Tupac t-shirt, shouted expletives at the YouTuber. Not one to back down, the older Paul brother dared the man to confront him on stage. Taking the microphone from Helwani, Logan Paul retorted back, saying:

“Come on. Come on. Show me how much of a p---- I am. Hey, come on, come show me how much of a p---- I am. You. Yeah, you. I’m looking at you. Walk up the f------ aisle, get on stage, and show me how much of a p---- I am.”

The man got up from his seat, seemingly ready to challenge Paul on stage. However, he refused to move any further, instead choosing to continue gesturing from the crowd.

Logan eventually dismissed the man wearing a Tupac t-shirt, saying:

"Yeah, that’s what I thought, b----.”

#4. Logan Paul got booed by fans on WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE fans don't seem to like Jake Paul's brother. This was evident when Logan Paul appeared as a guest on Moist TV hosted by John Morrison. Logan received a hostile reception from the moment he entered the arena.

Logan was asked to talk about Jake Paul's boxing match against Woodley. However, every time he tried to speak, the fans booed him. They continued the jeers even after The Miz attempted to salvage the show.

The Miz tried to divert the crowd's attention by asking Logan how soon Jake would get knocked out. The attempt did little to change the crowd's antics as they continued to boo until Paul went backstage.

Logan Paul seemed to take the hostile reception sportingly. He expressed himself on Twitter, light-heartedly saying:

"wwe fans hate me hahahahaaaaf------"
wwe fans hate me hahahahaaaafuckkkk

Watch the full video of Logan Paul being booed here:


Earlier, Logan was invited to Wrestlemania 37 as Sami Zayn's guest of honor. Following Kevin Owens' victory over Zayn at the event, Paul unexpectedly switched sides. He pushed Zayn to the mat and raised Owens' hand to announce the winner.

Things didn't go according to plan, however, as Owens knocked Logan Paul out with a 'Stunner'.

Watch the full incident here:


#3. Jake Paul was booed by his home crowd

Jake Paul's much-anticipated bout against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley took place earlier this year in Cleveland, Ohio - Jake's hometown.

Many would have expected Paul to enjoy the home crowd advantage going into the fight. However, he was greeted by a cold reception.

It was a rather unusual sight at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Every time the camera would focus on Jake backstage, the audience would start booing him. It continued even as Jake Paul walked out into the ring.

Jake Paul got tons of boos despite walking out to Machine Gun Kelly's "Till I Die" and while wearing a shirt with all the Cleveland sports logos.…

To make matters worse, the crowd started cheering for Woodley whenever he made an apperance on the big screen.

Tyron Woodley getting cheers by the crowd in Cleveland while Jake Paul got some boos #PaulWoodley

Jake Paul, however, had the last laugh. The bout ended with Paul winning by a split decision. The win took Jake Paul's boxing record to 4-0.

#2. Jake Paul was jeered at UFC 261

Jake Paul received a hostile reception at UFC 261: Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal 2. He was presumably present to support 'Gamebred'. Paul had earlier trained with Masvidal ahead of his boxing bout with Ben Askren.

During the preliminary card fight between Randy Brown and Alex Oliveira, broadcast cameras fell on Jake Paul. Fans instantly started hooting and chanting abuse at the YouTuber.

The chanting continued for some time and even caught the attention of Daniel Cormier. The former UFC two-division champion was commentating with Joe Rogan and Joe Anik when the chants resonated in the arena.

Jake Paul had earlier challenged 'DC' to a fight and called him fat. Following Paul's win against Ben Askren, 'The Problem Child' responded to Cormier's remarks about the bout.

Okay fat boy. So me vs you & J vs. T.??…

The bad blood between the two was evident during Jake Paul's altercation with the UFC legend. Things got a bit intense, and security soon intervened.

Later, Daniel Cormier, in conversation with Ariel Helwani, spoke about the altercation with Jake Paul.

"I said, 'Hey, I'm not gonna play your games.' I go, 'Don't mess with me.' I'm not a kid to play with like this... I'm not a kid to be messing with like that."

Watch Daniel Cormier describe his verbal altercation with Jake Paul below:


#1. Logan Paul smacked a heckler outside a nightclub in LA

Many fans are eager to see a fight between boxing legend Mike Tyson and Logan Paul. In an episode of his Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul opened up about his chances of defeating Tyson.

"Someone mentioned Mike Tyson. My lawyer mentioned it and he's like, 'Nah, Tyson will rip your head off, you don't stand a chance.' I'm like, 'I just went through all this.' You can't tell me I can't beat Mike Tyson. He's old, old."
Logan Paul on his next fight: "Someone mentioned Mike Tyson. My lawyer mentioned it and he's like, 'Nah, Tyson will rip your head off, you don't stand a chance.' I'm like, 'I just went through all this.' You can't tell me I can't beat Mike Tyson. He's old, old." [IMPAULSIVE]

Logan Paul was outside a nightclub in LA when he was asked about a possible fight with the boxing legend. Also present was Mike Majlak, co-host of Paul's podcast.

Logan, however, refused to answer the questions. His refusal to respond prompted a man to abuse him from the crowd. This didn't sit well with Logan Paul. He immediately confronted the heckler and slapped him on the head.

After a couple of shoves, Majlak joined in. He was heard telling the heckler:

“Don’t be an a**hole.”

The shoving continued until security intervened and carried the heckler away.

Watch the full incident here:


Tyson recently expressed his desire to fight the Paul brothers on an episode of his Hotboxin' podcast.

Answering Freddie Gibbs' question on whether they would fight him, he said:

"Hell yeah... They would, that would be a lot of money.”

Watch Mike Tyson talk about the Paul brothers here:

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