Destiny 2 Season of the Witch artifact guide: Pre-requirements, perks to prioritize, and more

Destiny 2 Acolyte
Destiny 2 Acolyte's Staff (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 Season of the Witch has finally launched into the official servers, allowing everyone to take on new missions and stories. The Hive-based entry in Season 22 will be keeping everyone busy for the upcoming three months, with new sandbox changes, perks to build characters on, and more. The artifact tied to the season is called Acolyte's Staff.

This article showcases the seasonal artifact, ways of getting it, and every perk that players can prioritize in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch. Typically, there are 25 perks to choose from, all obtainable via earning EXP from seasonal challenges, bounties, and other activities.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and relies solely on the writer's opinion.

Destiny 2 Season of the Witch artifact unlocking guide

Anyone looking to get the Acolyte's Staff artifact can simply launch the game and watch the first seasonal cinematic cutscene. Once you have spawned on the Savanthun's Throne World following the opening prologue cutscene, the Acolyte's Staff will be added to your inventory, free for consuming any earned EXP in the future.

Acolyte's Staff (Image via Destiny 2)
Acolyte's Staff (Image via Destiny 2)

Please note that any perk on the artifact will be equipped on their correspondent armor piece or weapon immediately after unlocking them. This can further make them easier to manage.

Destiny 2 Season of the Witch Acolyte's Staff perks and priorities

Similar to any seasonal artifacts of the past, Destiny 2's Acolyte's Staff comes with a few Champion perks tied to weapons, elemental perks tied to armor, and other synergy perks tied to various mechanics.

Based on the endgame activities, here is a list of perks that players should prioritize going forward into the season:

  • Three Champion perks for three different weapons. The first three unlocks can be obtained very early in the season. Anti-Barrier Bow, Unstoppable Scout, and Overload Hand Cannon are recommended.
  • Diviner's Discount in the second row should be your next priority to make Raid builds easier. Since Crota's End is supposed to release on August 25, equipping Scavenger mods with less energy can help in the long run.
  • Thanatonic Tangles and Elemental Orbs perks from the third row. This will take some time, so unlocking the element based on your strongest element build is recommended.
  • Overload Machine Gun perk from the fourth row should be taken priority as Machine Guns can be a powerful ally in the Day 1 contest of the Raid. Additionally, with the perk, they can also stun Overload Champions in the process.
  • Lastly, the Rapid-Fire Ranger and Elemental Embrace from the fifth row seem to be the most powerful ones that will be able to assist you in Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes, Master Raids, and more.
Acolyte's Staff (Image via Bungie)
Acolyte's Staff (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 Season of the Witch has a prologue mission followed by two seasonal activities as missions. You will need to complete a total of four steps in week 1 of Season 22 and wait until the next reset.

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