Diablo 4 boss guide - How to easily defeat Lilith

Lilith has two forms in Diablo 4, but both are easily beaten.
Diablo 4's final boss, Lilith has two forms to tackle in the final battle (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

In Diablo 4 Act VI, Lilith awaits as the story's last boss. When faced with a choice between two evils, the protagonist and their allies make an important choice that leads to the Mother of Sanctuary being the final encounter. This article discusses how to easily defeat the final boss of the main story of the game. Shade of Lilith, the game’s ultimate boss, is a whole different encounter and will be tackled much later.

There are, of course, a wide variety of ways for tackling this boss, depending on what class you choose to play the game as. Regardless, Lilith has two forms, and defeating each one will require a different strategy in Diablo 4.

Warning: This article contains footage from the final battle and ending of the game.

How to defeat both forms of Lilith in Diablo 4

1) Creator of Sanctuary Phase

After Neyrelle makes her final choice between the Mother of Sanctuary or Mephisto, the former attacks. Lilith promises you will learn “pain only glimpsed in myth,” which is an incredible threat. No matter what class you play as, her combat moves will remain the same.

Lilith will likely open by creating a series of diagonal strikes across the ground. After a brief delay, this creates lines of flame. She’ll follow this up from the other direction almost immediately, so be on your toes. This Diablo 4 boss encounter also flaps her wings to create a cone of flame aimed at you.

In the early phases of the fight, she also does a pair of spinning melee strikes with her wings, which need to be avoided. She will continue to reuse these attacks. With around 75% health remaining, she jumps off-screen and slams back into the ground of this Diablo 4 battle in a large AOE.


Lilith also starts spawning waves of Oppressor demons periodically to aid her. This is a great thing for any Necromancer that didn’t build for enough corpse generation. The boss will also continue to use attacks like her dive bomb during this.

There’s also a chance she’ll summon more powerful allies, like a Dreadful Champion of Chaos, which can surely instill fear. Be aware of this around the 50% point of the Diablo 4 fight. The oppressors will show up again around 30%, so clear those and resume fighting Lilith.

In the final portions of this battle, she’ll create another pattern of flame waves resembling a clock, so just get between them or away in time. There isn’t a lot of time to move, so stay alert. You’ll also be contending with more powerful allies. In my case, it was a pair of Shocking Maidens of Hate.

2) Daughter of Hatred Phase

Watch for breaking ground in this fight (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Watch for breaking ground in this fight (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Lilith will regenerate, and she’s not at all pleased to have things come this far. Now a floating abomination with a huge tail, this Diablo 4 boss fight resumes. She will occasionally spawn a quartet of blood AOE spots that slow and deal damage, so stay out of these at all costs.

The next step is that this Diablo 4 battle flies off-screen, and half the map will fill in with black lines. Get out of this before it explodes and deals tons of damage. Periodically, she’ll create blistering red spots on the ground while also doing another blast of AOE damage from the skies.

Around 75%, Lilith creates a fiery line on the ground. The surface behind it will glow. Do not be in this section - that part of the map is going to disintegrate and fall away. Anything caught there dies. The blood boils, and AOEs continue, alongside ranged strikes with her tail and wings.

Lilith continues to trap you in smaller areas throughout the fight (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Lilith continues to trap you in smaller areas throughout the fight (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Around 50%, she’ll break more of the map - in my case, the North East. If you DPS too quickly, she may do a huge AOE and then immediately transition into breaking the screen. Now, those blood boils also shoot projectiles that damage and slow you.

It will feel like her AOE takes up far more of the screen now since you only have a tiny portion of land to stand on for the finale of this Diablo 4 encounter. She can also perform a twister AOE attack in melee range - but Lilith is massive.


At 25%, she breaks the ground one more time, but at this point, all you have to do is avoid the projectiles, her wing strikes, and DPS her down the final amount. That is the end of your enemy until you get to Tier 4 and battle her final form much later on.

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