Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett

Full NameJeffrey Leonard Jarrett

BornJune 14, 1967



Relation(s)Karen Jarrett (m. 2010), Jill Gregory (m. 1992–2007)


WWE Hall of Famer, Jeff Jarrett comes from a long line of wrestling promoters and wrestlers. His

maternal grandfather, Edward Marlin was a wrestler and a wrestling promoter. His own father, Jerry

Jarrett is the founder of the Continental Wrestling Association, which later became the United States

Wrestling Association.

Jeff Jarrett himself wrestled in a myriad of wrestling companies, including WWE. He also has made

several ventures into wrestling promotion as well.

Jeff Jarrett made his wrestling debut in the Continental Wrestling Association.

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Jeff Jarrett switched between the then WWF, and WCW multiple times in his career, and held the

Intercontinental Championship in WWE 6 separate times. While he never settled in either brand, he

was quite famous for the gimmick he portrayed in WWE of a Country Music Singer. Jarrett often

used his guitar as a weapon while portraying this gimmick.

His time with WWE ended on a sour note, as there were allegations made that Jarrett had conspired

to delay his title defence in WWE, ultimately forcing Vince McMahon to pay him $300,000 to wrestle

and drop the Intercontinental Title without a contract at No Mercy.

Jeff Jarrett Wrestling Promotions

Jeff Jarrett proved to be every bit of a wrestling promoter as his father and grandfather. He first

founded J Sports and Entertainment and opened a wrestling promotion, Total Nonstop Action

Wrestling or TNA in 2002. He wrestled on the roster of TNA himself, and managed to get the

promotion television contracts as well. In 2014, due to internal disputes within the company, he left

and founded Global Force Wrestling in 2014.

Global Force Wrestling would later be bought out by Impact Wrestling (the rebranded TNA under

Anthem Sports and Wrestling). However, the relationship did not last, and Jeff Jarrett parted way

with the company.

Jeff Jarrett Return to WWE

WWE surprised the world by announcing that they were adding Jeff Jarrett to their Hall of Fame in


Since then, Jarrett has returned to wrestling in the AAA Mexican promotion.

Jeff Jarrett has been released by WWE in 2022.

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People also ask

How much money is Jeff Jarrett worth?

Jeff Jarrett is an American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter who has a net worth of $15 million

How old is Jeff Jarrett WWE?

51 years (14 July 1967)

Who is Jeff Jarrett's wife?

Karen Jarrett (m. 2010)

Jill Gregory (m. 1992–2007)

Who is Jeff Jarrett's dad?

Jerry Jarrett

Where is Jeff Jarrett from?

Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States

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