Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Full NameJames Edward Duggan Jr.

BornJanuary 14, 1954



Relation(s)Debra Duggan (m. 1989)


Signed to WWE on a legends contract now, Hacksaw Jim Duggan is a legend in every

sense of the term. He was the star athlete early in his life in his high school in New York. Jim

Duggan would play football in College and also got his Bachelor’s Degree. After college his

football dream came to an end due to multiple knee injuries, Duggan instead tried out his

luck in wrestling. He was found by Fritz Von Erich, and then after undergoing training and a

brief stint in WWE, he started wrestling regularly in Georgia Championship wrestling.

  1. WWE - Royal Rumble and American Patriot
  2. Hacksaw Jim Duggan WCW and Championships

hacksaw jim duggan

WWE - Royal Rumble and American Patriot

Hacksaw Jim Duggan signed with WWE, then-WWF, after 4 years wrestling in outside

promotions. There after a while, he got a major push. He was put in a feud with Harley Race,

before later entering the first-ever Royal Rumble. In the Royal Rumble he won, becoming the

first person to do so.

During his feuds, Hacksaw Jim Duggan would use a 2x4 as his weapon of choice. He

entered feuds with Andre ‘The Giant’ and Dino Bravo.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan then took up the traits of an American Patriot. He would feud against

King Haku for the crown which Harley Race had vacated. He won the crown and would have

several feuds surrounding it. He would not win any Championships during his time in WWE,

although he would later be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan WCW and Championships

During his run in WCW, Hacksaw Jim Duggan would win the WCW United States

Championship and well as the Television Championship. He would hold them both once.

His legacy, however, is remember by his his “Hoooo” war-cry and fondness for the 2x4 as a

weapon, making him unforgettable in the WWE.

People Also Ask

How much is Hacksaw Jim Duggan worth?

Is an American professional wrestler who has a net worth of $2 million dollars

Where does Hacksaw Jim Duggan live?

Lugoff, South Carolina, United States

How old is Jim Duggan?

65 years (14 January 1954)

What is Hacksaw Jim Duggan real name?

James Edward Duggan Jr.

Is Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the Hall of Fame?

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan" is the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame star.

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