Sin Cara

Sin Cara

Full NameJorge Arias

BornSeptember 5, 1977




Sin Cara was born to Mexican parents who had immigrated to El Paso Texas. While still working in

his parents’ funeral home, he started his professional wrestling career. After starting off in the

Independent Scene, he wrestled under a mask under the name of Mystico. He performed in TNA,

Chikara, and AAA, before finally heading to WWE.

sin cara

Getting the name Sin Cara

He spent the first portion of his career in developmental region of WWE as Hunico, and would get a

chance to shine on the main roster, when the original Sin Cara was suspended due to a wellness

policy violation. He took over the mask and wrestled as Sin Cara.

This led to a feud with the Original Sin Cara where Hunico was referred to as the Impostor Sin Cara.

At the end of the feud, Hunico was unmasked and returned to wrestling as Hunico on the main

roster again. Later, after Hunico returned from injury, he got his name back and wrestled as Sin Cara, as the original had parted ways with WWE.

Lucha Dragons

In what was the most successful part of his career, Sin Cara teamed up with Kalisto to form the

Lucha Dragons. Both of them were masked stars and fan favourites, getting the crowds excited with

the Lucha chants and their high-flying offence.

While he won the NXT Tag Team Championship once with Kalisto, ever since they disbanded, Sin

Cara has been in and out of feuds, with no concrete storyline keeping him on television.

the lucha dragons

People also ask

Are Sin Cara and Kalisto brothers?

The Lucha Dragons were a Mexican-American professional wrestling tag team composed of Kalisto and Sin Cara.

How old is the real Sin Cara?

41 years (5 September 1977)

What is the meaning of Sin Cara?

In Spanish for "Without Face" or "Faceless", Sin Cara wears a lucha-style mask that completely covered his face, much like when Urive wrestled for the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) as Místico.

Where is Sin Cara from?

El Paso, Texas, United States

What is Sin Cara real name?

Jorge Arias

Can Sin Cara speak English?

As you may know, Sin Cara can speak English. Not only Sin Cara speaks english, he made it clear what he's capable of in the WWE.

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