3 most disliked Psychic Pokemon in Hoenn

Psychic-type Pokemon (Image via Tom Salazar)
Psychic-type Pokemon (Image via Tom Salazar)
Modified 04 May 2021
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The Psychic-typing is remarkably popular in general, leading to a distinct lack of dislikable Pokemon.

However, there are always exceptions. Despite the stellar line-up of Psychic-types in Hoenn, there are still some Psychic Pokemon that fans simply don't enjoy having around.

For the purpose of this list, any Pokemon that can be caught in Hoenn is in the running, not just Generation III Pokemon specifically. In addition, this list is about likability, not usability. So while combat prowess will be factored in, it will not be the main focus.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

3 most disliked Psychic Pokemon in Hoenn

#3 - Chimecho

Chimecho (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Chimecho (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Chimecho has a strange mix of devoted fans and avid haters. Putting it on this list may grab some negative attention, but just because it's loved by some doesn't discount how much it's disliked by others.

Chimecho really doesn't do much in the games other than being rare and looking interesting. The reason why Chimecho gained so much attention was due to the Pokemon anime. James, the lovable goofball of Team Rocket's bumbling trio, acquired a much-desired Chimecho and brought it around for the rest of the Hoenn region.

Much like many of James' other Pokemon pals, Chimecho would inadvertently harm/inconvenience James in attempts at affection. It even got its own place in the show's intro after Wobbuffet. Fans either loved or hated how much attention Chimecho received and its interactions with James.

#2 - Grumpig

Grumpig (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Grumpig (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Grumpig isn't as disliked as it is, well, less liked, if that makes any sense.

This is a Pokemon that is often forgotten by fans. It doesn't have a particularly memorable design, its combat prowess is average at best, and its pre-evolution is far more popular than its evolved state.

Simply put, Grumpig is a Pokemon that fans don't remember and, therefore, don't like as much as the Pokemon they do remember.

#1 - Abra

Abra removes Professor Oak from its personal space (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Abra removes Professor Oak from its personal space (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Abra isn't disliked for its design. And sure, it's near useless in battle, needing a move tutor or TM's to learn literally any move other than Teleport. No, the reason why Abra is so disliked is due to how annoying it is to catch one in the first place.

The fact that Abra can only learn Teleport naturally means that it's guaranteed to use that move at every turn when acquired in the wild. Though 'every turn' means the only turn in this case, since Teleport will forcibly end the encounter.

Players either need to outspeed Abra to use Mean Look or other escape-preventing moves, have a Pokemon with Arena Trap or Shadow Tag, or they need to get lucky and catch Abra with a single tossed Poke Ball. No exceptions.

The frustration of catching an Abra for the first time is something many players will remember every time they see the dozing Pokemon, leading it to be quite disliked.

Published 04 May 2021
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