Pokemon GO raid guide: The best counters against Alakazam

Alakazam in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Alakazam in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Alakazam, the Psi Pokemon, has been a fan favorite in the Pokemon series since its debut in the original Pokemon games on the Game Boy. Known for its tremendous special attacking power, many players always aim to have an Alakazam on their team.

With the release of Ultra Unlock: Part 2, Alakazam has made a comeback in popularity and usage with the powerful Psychic-type having an increased chance to appear in raid battles. When going up against Pokemon as strong as Alakazam, it helps to know some of its strengths and weaknesses.

Raid guide for Pokemon GO: Countering Alakazam

Official art of Alakazam (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Official art of Alakazam (Image via The Pokemon Company)

When going up against any Psychic-type Pokemon, it always helps to know what types they are weak against. Dark-, Bug- and Ghost-type Pokemon are the player's best friends in this battle. Pokemon such as Gengar and Darkrai can be very helpful due to their type advantage.

In terms of defense, Dark types as well as other Psychic types are great to bring along for the battle. Musharna can be a very valuable Pokemon for this fight due to its bulkiness and availability, as its pre-evolution, Munna, has a boosted spawn rate for the duration of the second part of the Ultra Unlock event. Fighting-type Pokemon should stay far away from this fight. On top of taking super effective damage from Psychic-type attacks, they also deal less damage to Psychic-type Pokemon.

Strong raid battles such as these are always better to do with friends. Remote raid passes are a great tool for getting everyone together without having to leave the house. Pokemon GO groups for numerous areas all over are on Facebook. If you can find one for your area, it can prove to be a valuable resource for players looking to challenge raid bosses. There is always strength in numbers.

Additional information about Alakazam

For Pokemon GO players who want to be the very best and take their battles to the next level, here's some helpful information to keep in mind regarding Alakazam:

  • Alakazam is often regarded as a glass cannon due to its high attack but weak defenses.
  • One of the best movesets for Alakazam is Confusion for a fast attack and Psychic for a charged attack.
  • Alakazam has a maximum CP of 3,057
  • While very rare, there is a chance Alakazam can appear in its shiny varient, which is depicted by the brown parts of its body turning bright pink.

Alakazam can be a daunting opponent but with the right team of friends, as well as a team of strong Pokemon, its weak defenses can be easily capitalized on, resulting in an easy victory and a new page in your Pokedex.

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