Best end-game team for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Infernape is one of the best tools a trainer can acquire (Image via Game Freak)
Infernape is one of the best tools a trainer can acquire (Image via Game Freak)

It can be a tad easy to forget teambuilding in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Since the actual goal of the game is to fill the Pokedex, many gamers have a rotating team based on what they’re trying to level up.

There definitely is a significant difficulty spike towards the end of the game, though, and trainers aren’t going to want to go in unprepared.

What are the best Pokemon to use to beat the game?


In the opening area of Obsidian Fieldlands, one of the best Pokemon to find is Eevee. Of course, every trainer has their own preferences on what they like to evolve Eevee into, but one overlooked option can be Umbreon.

During the endgame and postgame of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, though, Umbreon could be a trainer’s MVP. This is because there are so many Psychic-types between catching all of the Lake Trio (Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit) and Cresselia. That makes Dark-types really valuable, and Umbreon is one of the better Dark-types in the game.

Another great encounter trainers can get is, surprisingly, Spheal. This is because Walrein has a nice amount of utility in this game. First of all, several other Water-types got nerfed (e.g., Gyarados lost Dragon Dance).

Secondly, Walrein serves as a bulky Water-type that also gets access to Ice Beam. This allows it to deal with the stronger Dragons in the game, especially Garchomp.

Once trainers get access to Surf, they can access Ramanas Island and catch themselves a Chimchar. A strong Fire-type is almost necessary in a game with bulky Steel-types like Bronzong and Steelix. Infernape can KO these threats in one hit after a Swords Dance.

Although it requires finding a Space Time Distortion, grabbing Magnezone can help plenty of players. It gives the trainer a Steel-type to counter Fairies, but also, not too many Pokemon can switch into a Thunderbolt. Magnezone’s raw power will be much appreciated.

Clefable’s Calm Mind and Draining Kiss combo is very potent (Image via Game Freak)
Clefable’s Calm Mind and Draining Kiss combo is very potent (Image via Game Freak)

Perhaps the most crucial thing every trainer should get is a solid Fairy-type. There are plenty of Dragons in this game, not to mention the legendaries (in particular, Palkia) and two Giratinas to fight during the endgame.

Clefable can be the best Fairy in the game since it has access to the Calm Mind and Draining Kiss combo. It can boost its stats and regain health with Draining Kiss. After that, trainers can head to the Move Shop and customize Clefable however they want since it gets unbelievable coverage.

Finally, since trainers get access to it, they might as well add one of the endgame Legendaries. While both are great, Dialga deserves some extra credit for being Steel and Dragon.

This means it takes neutral damage from Fairy moves, which can be very useful. Dialga also can come through clutch in many endgame battles, notably the one against Volo.

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